Friday, February 14, 2014

Style sightseeing: beehive hair style


Styles get recycled over and over again over the years and one I have began to fall in love with is the beehive.  The beehive is a hairdo from the 60's and I am always looking for new bold fashion finds and this big giant thing on my head is definitely a way to do it.  

Mine was most definitely a first attempt and by far not as great as the original ones but I put my own spin on it. 
 If you would like to see the video version of this blog I will leave a link at the end of the blog post. 

I felt this was instagram worthy of my very first beehive. Bigger and better ones to come :)



This is an example of a true authentic looking beehive. Look how elegant but outspoken it is.  
60's >>> 2014 

There are many different ways you can do this hairdo I suggest you put your own spin on it.  

Youtube tutorials:

Each of these tutorials a bit different but all great advice on how to create your own beehive. I found the advice on these videos helpful in order to recreate the one that I had wanted.  For inspiration check out pinterest by doing a simple search "beehive hairdo". 

I haven't quite mastered the back, it was quite a mess. You will not believe how many bobby pins is in this thing.  

Maybe next time I will go for even bigger? ;)

I think it is important we recycle fashion in order to keep history alive.  I challenge each one of you to find some trend that was in the past weather it be in the 90's or clear back in the 20's, take it and make it yours.  
Trends fade but style is forever. 

Link to video verson: