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Dollar Tree White Rain Product Review: Makeup Remover, Body lotion, Foot Cream

White Rain Product Review
A couple weeks ago I was able to find 3 of the 5 White Rain product the Dollar Tree is currently Carrying.  I was able to pick up the foot cream, makeup  remover, and body lotion.  

I will be doing a review for each of these products and if you have tried out the other two let me know how you think they work. 

I will be reviewing all three under the same category, packaging, smell, quality, and if I will buy them again.  I will scale each of these categories 1-5.  1 being worst you can get 5 being greatest. 

Facial Cleanser/Makeup Remover: 
  •   Packaging:  I really liked the packaging of all three of these and I thought they were very cute.  However they are only 4oz tubes so its not like I am getting a whole lot of product for my money.  (it is the dollar store but if you could get a 10oz bottle over a 4oz for a dollar wouldn't you?)

    So I gave the packaging a 4 out 5

    • Smell: I fell like all White Rain products have almost all identical smells.  That's not a bad thing of course its all very fresh and clean smelling but it wasn't anything fantastic.  I did think it was one of the nicer smelling face products out there so I am going to give it again a 4. 
      Quality: Okay now for the real deal part of the review everyone really wanted to know; did it work?
     I say yes! I think this is by far one of the best eye makeup removers I have ever used.  Something to consider is I do not wear very much makeup at all and had no plans of switching my current daily cleanser to this product so I don't know how it works as a cleanser for use of cleaning your face with no makeup.
  HOWEVER for me a big deal with makeup removers is that I don't want to wake up the next morning with residue under my eyes!! That is my biggest pet peeve! With this product I found  NO LEFTOVER RESIDUE!
  Now again I do not wear a lot of makeup and I wear cheap makeup so it is going to be easier for me to remove my makeup than people who are spending 10$ and up on there mascara than me who is spending $1.00 but for me this really did get the job done and I was happy with it. So if you are a true dollar everything kind of girl like myself than this should do the trick for you.
I give it a 4 and not a full 5 due to the fact that I am not so sure it would get the job done for someone with serious makeup wearing capabilities. 

 Will I continue to purchase this product?
I do really really like this product and do recommend it but truth is since I don't wear makeup daily I like to try new makeup removing methods. ( I think I am going to try olive oil next)

 I am not going to be partial to any specific product because of this.   I might buy this product again but than again maybe not.  I will use the rest of the product that I have and than possibly move on but I am perfectly happy with this product and know it will not go to waste.  

Overall Verdict: 4
Healing Foot Cream
Smell: Again I think it smells like any other white rain product but in a good way.  It smells fresh and clean and I like it.  I give it a 4. 
Packaging: Again Super obsessed with this cute packaging and I mean common at the dollar store? Cant beat it! But It could use a little more product to get some more bang for my buck.  It is also a 4oz package. I give it a 4 
Quality: The truth!... This. Stuff. Sucks. 

I cannot express how much I hate this product and I can't imagine it would do anything to actually help my feet or anyone else in any other way than to add a little sent.  

Why do I hate it?
Well for starters it is UBER watery and when I think healing foot cream I think super thick and creamy.  Why? Because if you have intense cracking in your heels how the hell is water going to fix that? It absorbs into the skin almost immediately and doesn't do anything to actually heal any of the dry skin. 

 Now my feet aren't actually that bad off but I do have some dry skin on my feet and they are looking a bit rough from years in softball cleats but my god this couldn't even give me any simple moisture.  

I am not even going to put a little thermometer icon because it is a   zero to me.

Will I buy it again?: 
Is that even a question? Not. A. Chance. 

I will use up the product I have because I hate to waste things I spend money on but I wont enjoy it thats for sure. 

 I bought one of the roller massage things everyone was going crazy about at the Dollar Tree and I will use the foot cream when I use the roller on my feet but once the product its gone I never want to see that product again.  

So overall the product gets a 1 and thats just because its smells good and its pretty haha I guess that has to count for something. 
 By the way for those of you who didn't know what I was talking about when I said my massage thingy from dollar tree I was talking about this! :) but pink of course.

Shea Butter Body Lotion
Packaging/Smell: I am putting these two together because I feel the same about the packaging on this than I do the last two products.  
So I give it a 4. 
I am in LOVE with this product! 

There are not many plain jain non fru fru smelling lotions out there that I really actually enjoy but I can truly say I really do enjoy this product.  

I will say the one down fall to this product is that it is a little watery but truthfully I think that is also why I like it. 

The main reason I don't fall in love with plain jane lotions is because they are to thick and greasy for my taste but this one is just the right amount of thick and moisturizing without the greese and I really can respect that.  

Will I buy again? 
Heck yes!  
 Long story short if you skipped to the end and want to know which product is worth buying.. go wth the body lotion!

Thank you for reading and if you have any recommendations for a review please let me know. 






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December Favorites 2014

December Favorites 

I realize it is actually January first when I am uploading this but hey watcha gonna do.  

If you would like to see the video version of this haul/post type a deal than at the bottom of this post there is a link to the video.  

I think going to start doing these favorites videos and posts because they are actually kind of fun. Don't forget to comment and tell me your favorites that you have this month.  

Fast fact I can't spell Favorites so if I spell it wrong anywhere in here I apologize. 

This is a Face scrub from lush that I am absolutely OBSESSED with right now.  If you like hardcore face scrubs this is the stuff for you.  It has ccharcoalin it and there are soooo many benefits from using charcoal in your face care.

If you want a review on this product I have it in my lush haul at this link:

Also here is the link where you can buy this wonderful magic potion:,en_US,pd.html#q=Dark%2520angels&start=1

And seriously go look up some stuff about charcoal Get that crap in your beauty routine. 

Next is my fave music right now

Kid cudi!! 

I have been working out again (about time) and this is the only thing I will listen to.  All I do is youtube Kid Cudi and the first thing that pops up is that kid Cudi 50+ thing and I click that and its just a continuous soundtrack playlist of kid cudi songs.   

This is an app that I am obsessed with

It is a freebie app called free stuff and basically its an app that sends you notifications whenever there is free stuff available.  It gives you a direct link to the offer and you make it happen. 

I used to go to soooo much work to get freebies like checking websites daily and constant email checking but now I get it all in a notification on the same app.  No work involved :) 

Okay these should be outlawed in the fashion world but I don't care I am in love.  

Just basic grey leggings in this exact color haha I don't even know how to describe it but they are just so amazing.  They are like sweatpants colors in leggings.  I wear these atleast once a week with nike socks and tennis shoes and a t-shrit.  Perfect lazy day pants. 

Pinicolada Pop!! 

This is a walmart brand fizzy water in a can! they usually make these liter bottles of it but this is the first I have sceen this flavor and the cans must be new.  It is zero cals zero sugar and no caffeine how perfect is that.  Pinicolada is like my fave thing in the world and now I have pop that tastes like it :) 

If you like pinicolada you so have to try this.  

Equal exchange chocolate 

These are really expensive but so worth it for a treat every now and again.
If you have never had REAL chocolate you need to.  Herseys is such a fake version of chocolate this stuff is alot more bitter because it has real coco in it. 
This company has lots of benefits to.  You can sell there stuff for fundraisers and they  are all free trade producers.  

Here is the link to buy this stuff:

More chocolate? Yes! 

Brookside Choc covered blueberries :)

If you have never tried this brand you must such a yummy treat.  The pomegranate ones are really good to.  
I got a few packages on sale after the holidays so you should check that out to see if there are any left so you can get them for a good price because they are kind of Pricey. 

Sentsy pots or wax warmers are one of the greatest investments... just saying...

These are my top two favorite sents. 

I recommend linen for bathroom and cashmere for your bedroom 

The best part is these are only 2 bucks at walmart

Ricola Green Tea with Echinacea cough drops

These are what got me through my December cold and there super yummy! 

Toasted Black coconut High Caff Tea

I am ordering more of these! They are alot lighter than other black tees that I have tried and I really like the caffeine amount in them.  

You can find these on republic of tea's website. 

Time again Shea Butter Milky smooth Almond Body butter

I used mine all up :( 

This is my beauty secret! I use body butter as a shaving jell because it works so much better and its really cheap! You can go to the dollar store and get loads of it! 

Black pointed toe pumps from Vanity

Can you beleive I thrifted these for 3$?!

Soap on a rope from The Candy Shop brand

Got these on sale after the holidays for 1.50!

These are sold on the walmart website but I don't know how much longer they will be in stock.  They are on sale and I think they just made them for the holidays 

Vanilla Tini! 

This is from Bath and body works new line and I have decieded it is my ALL TIME FAVE smell nothing beats it.  

I think its only limited addition because look at the size compared to there normal mists :( 

This hole new line is amazing I also picked up Strawberry sparkler.  The new line is literally like all alcohol themed? 

My new babies to add to the collection 

These are limited addition arriats and I paid big bucks for these but I am in love for sure.  

Here is the link to the youtube version of this:

I do recommend the video version because I just haven't been feeling very creative or spirity this week so this blog post might really suck but I just wanted to get this posted because its already late lol but please tell me your guys's faves in Dec.! I would love to hear.  

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Bath and body works haul

Bath and Body Works Haul

If you would like to watch the video version of this haul here is the link to my youtube channel to watch it instead.

I also have another HUGE HUGE bath and body works haul I just put up but I will not be blogging about because there is just so much. 

Here is the link to it!

I appoligize honestly it sucked trying out new software and cameras and junk deff not my fave 

Here are all the products I purchased! 

The best way to shop at bath and body works:
If you are a bath and body works fanatic or just love smelly stuff like I do the best time to shop there is starting in November.  Weekly they do some really awesome sales along with there BEST sale a buy 3 get three free.  That is what I did on this haul so half of these products are free! 
The best thing is they do this every year and this year every trip you got a 10$ off if you spend 30$ or more.
This is when you should be stocking up on your favorites!  

Christmas shopping done in one or two trips:
This is the greatest thing to do if you plan to get your friends gifts and make several trips to accumulate more coupons.  At first to accumulate coupons just buy a few small things and also bring a friend to make a different transaction and you will receive more coupons.  You cannot double coupons so if you plan to buy 60$ worth of product and use like two coupons bring a friend and they can do the other transaction and again get more coupons.  

How I did it:
What I did was I bought 60$ of product but it was on there buy 3 get 3 so I got about $60 in free product as well.  I brought my mom to do two transactions with and so instead of paying 60 I payed 40 and got two more coupons. 

I love savings!! On a normal day with this one trip I would have payed $120

The next two trips have even more savings so if you would like to hear about that go back to the top of this post and go to the video I have linked about my biggest haul.  

Sorry this is so blurry! 

Twilight woods is my fave fragrance so I bought these two body wash's for myself to stock up. 
Body wash retails for: 12.50

Review on product:
Twilight woods is great if you are a vanilla type of person.  They are not vanilla but they are like a very FEMININE version of a musk.  That is my fave kind of smell  Super great for an every day kind of smell.  

Wild Madagascar vanilla retails for 7.50

Product review:
I am the biggest fan of vanilla but this isn't my fave.  It is still really good but not my go to.  It is pretty new for bath and body works right now.  
Got this for a gift.  

Two of the limited addition Chrstmas lotions in Winter Candy Apple and Vanilla bean Noel
Lotion retails for 12.50

Winter Candy Apple Review:
This is my new fave lotion the smell is so different that is why I liked it.  Very fragrant and great for holiday. 

Vanilla Bean Noel Review:
You know how some body wash's and lotions and different products can smell a little different?  Well with this one that is the case.  I love the smell in a lotion but not a perfume or body wash.  

Keep in mind these are limited time only for the Christmas season so if you want to try you need to purchase now.  

Twisted Peppermint travel size body spray
Travel size retails for 6.00
Full size retails for 14.00

Twisted Peppermint Review:
Part of the reason I only got the mini was because it is very very stong and super seasonal.  Its kind of like a vanilla pepermint is the best way to describe it.  I wasn't going to wear this any other time than this month so I bought the small one and it is a little different for my taste.  But the bottle is already almost gone if that tells you how much I like it. 

Frosted Wonderland Sparkling snowflake scrub
Retails for 16.50

Frosted Scrub:
I have not used this yet but it does smell AMAZING and is super sparkly.  I love sugar scrubs and that is basically what it is so that is why I got it but the down fall is that it is the same price as there regular sugar scrubs but is like half the size.  I only got it because it is part of the limited edition line

I did buy at least one thing from there limited addition line.  Just not the full sets of any of them because I wasn't that into all of them.  

Warm Vanilla Golden Sugar Scrub 
Moonlight Path Golden Sugar Scrub 
Retails for 16.50

Golden scrub review for warm vanilla:
I do not like there warm vanilla line because it smells exactly like Walmart's knockoff bodycology warm vanilla line and it does not smell nice in my opinion but the sugar scrub actually was not to bad.  I do really like the quality of there sugar scrubs very nice and gritty and smells great.  

Moonlight path:
I really really am starting to like the moonlight path collection I want to get the full set but I got a scrub because I have a friend I know who would really really like this.   I don't even know how to describe the sent.  Its a very mellow berry sent I guess?  Kind of like what you think of when you combine berries, vanilla, and a little bit of floral.  Perfect balance.  

Body sprays are my fave to get so I got alot of them!

All there body mists retail for 14.00

Amber Blush Review:
This is the first time I ever saw this at bath and body works I must have missed it over the years but I really like it because its kind of slightly nutty but floral?  Kind of?  I don't know something I really like about BBW is that they don't have same cents to anyone else and that is something I really like.  

Cashmere Glow Review:
I actually got this in the diamond mist which is the same price as the spray it just has a shimmer in it something I really love.  
I love this one it is such an everyday sent but could also be dressed up.  Its simple its not a fruit or a flowery smell but just a super nice chill smell.  I love it new fave.  

Velvet sugar:
Im pretty sure this one is still pretty new to BBW and I was instantly attracted to the packaging and again the smell is like all the rest that I am attracted to the vanilla musk cashmere type ones.  I think this is great for tweens teens and adults.  Its very different. 

Twilight woods:
I already gave you guys my take on twilight woods my absolute fave up in the body wash section.  

I got three limited addition sprays to give to friends.  They do retail for the same price as the normal ones which is really nice.  

Winter Candy Apple Review:
I kind of told you guys a little bit about this one in the lotions but I will evaluate.  If you know what a candy apple smells like than you know what this one smells like.  It is perfect to the tea.  Super sweet sugary with a bit of tart smell.  Its very smooth and not overpowering and super different.  

Sugar Plum Dream:
This one is of course a little fruitier but its got that winter touch if you guys kind of get what I am saying?  like that spiced/soft is smell.  This one I soooo recommend.  It is a very versatile fragrance for alot of sent lovers its not to power full.  

Frosted Wonderland: 
This one is kind of weird.  When I first picked it up I thought it was going to be a little minty but again I would almost describe this ass a calm vanilla ish type of sent.  Not really vanilla but along those lines.  

As you can tell a lot of the fragrances I love is along a vanilla smell lines.  

Okay last two I have for you guys! 

A Thousand Wishes body spray
French Lavender Honey body spray
Retails for 14.00

French Lavender Honey Review:
I really thought I was gonna like this one (I don't know why I hate flower perfume) but I smelled it in the store brought it home and did not like it.  It is very floral with a lite sweet touch.  I will deff be giving this one away.  

A Thousand Wishes:
This is one of my new faves! It is also there newest product at BBW and I recommend this to everyone.  It is a very calm sent more towrd a soft vanilla honey type smell but a little something extra.  Its very different.  

Well that is all I have for you guys!  I do want to know what your guys fave sent group is like a floral or berry or vanilla musk like me?  

Also what is your fave product from Bath And Body Works?  And what do you think I should try? 

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Freebies of Nov-Dec
I am here to give you guys a review about one of the products I received in November and also let you guys in on some of my fave freebie websites.  

These are all the random freebies I have received over the past few months.  There is over 30 products here that range from food to beauty and I paid absoluteness nothing for them.  

Some of these products are full size however most of them are not but hey free is always good right? :) 

Video haul of these products on this link


If you want to skip my review on Children's cough medicine go to the end of this post were I talk about all my fave websites and other ways to get freebies.  

Okay so this is a FULL SIZE sample I recived form a website called Smilley 360 one of the easiest freebie websites out there.  I wanted this because my little brother gets very sick during the holidays and when the weather gets bad so we always need this kind of stuff on hand and might as well try something new because sometimes the stuff we get does not always effect him.  

This was a pretty large box they sent me but my fave thing about Smiley is they always send you tons of coupons so you can use some and you can tell people about the product and then give them the product.  The box came with the full size medicine a (4 FL oz) A huge stack of coupons (I don't remember how many there was) and a little brocure telling me about the product I received.  

Okay I am going to start with the packaging:
Obviously the packaging isn't going to be super creative and fantastic because it is just medicine but for me I always shop for packaging which is probably a bad habit to have but you know what I want my life to be interesting in all aspects.  I thought this packaging was from like the 90's the label was kind of bleh yaknow?  Clearly I am using this for the function so this is one of those cases were I don't really care that the packaging looks like it came from my childhood.

Now for the actual review that matters.. did it work?
Okay the answer was yes it did work.  Before thanksgiving my brother started his usual symptoms when it gets icky out and that included all the things this medicine was supposed to cure.  
Stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, and a cough

I gave him a swig of this and he told me it tasted fine so if you have picky children than this is a good option for you.  

This product took care of pretty much all of his symptoms but the only complaint was it didn't kick in for about a half an hour.  I have had other products work within 15 minuets of consumption and this one was not one of those.  

When he was cured of course he wasn't perfect but this medication wasn't any worse than any other stuff we have ever given him before.  I think it is pretty comparable to any other medication we could have given him.  So no I wasn't like WOAH THIS IS A MIRICALE WORKER! but I was happy with the results.  

Recommending to other people:

I did recommend it to my family on thanksgiving and handed out three different coupons to let them try because we have alot of little ones in my family.... 14 of them to be exact... They all said they wanted to try it and I got back a response from one of them that it was a good product and saw nothing wrong with it but also noticed that it did not kick in as fast as they would have liked.  

Lists of all my fave freebie websites!

Freebieshark on facebook! Go like them! that is literally were I get like more than half of my freebies  That is were I got this cough medicine but they have way cooler stuff I promise this was just like my first one.  They also give you like a billion coupons. This is my favorite freebie website but its a lot of work to keep up with but this one is more for like beauty and and stuff like that the stuff I am generally more into.  What is cool about clout is that they generally give you full size products so that is awesome and it is like really easy to use especially if you are on twitter alot because it generally tracks everything for you. I like this one because usually they have some really different products that I would have never have tried otherwise and sometimes I really do go out and buy these products after I try them.  This one is also very male friendly. Every now and again target has some really really good freebies on there website.  

Veo This one is actually an app and they send full size products sometimes to and stuff you will really actually use this is my fave freebie app This one is probably my least fave website for freebies because I feel like its sketchy sometimes and gives out your info so that is your choice but I have got some REALLY amazing samples from sample source before.  

Facebook There are just freebies all over Facebook just follow tons of brands and sometimes they will pop up on your feed.  Also places on Facebook like beauty freebies or freebie ninja are really great they kind of put them all in one place for you.  

You can find tons of different websites by watching YouTube videos about freebies and stuff just dig deep and you will get one at least once a week and its the best feeling ever its like getting a present each month.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this post It was kind of different from my normal review or haul but I hope it might be slightly helpful for some of yall.