Thursday, January 1, 2015

December Favorites 2014

December Favorites 

I realize it is actually January first when I am uploading this but hey watcha gonna do.  

If you would like to see the video version of this haul/post type a deal than at the bottom of this post there is a link to the video.  

I think going to start doing these favorites videos and posts because they are actually kind of fun. Don't forget to comment and tell me your favorites that you have this month.  

Fast fact I can't spell Favorites so if I spell it wrong anywhere in here I apologize. 

This is a Face scrub from lush that I am absolutely OBSESSED with right now.  If you like hardcore face scrubs this is the stuff for you.  It has ccharcoalin it and there are soooo many benefits from using charcoal in your face care.

If you want a review on this product I have it in my lush haul at this link:

Also here is the link where you can buy this wonderful magic potion:,en_US,pd.html#q=Dark%2520angels&start=1

And seriously go look up some stuff about charcoal Get that crap in your beauty routine. 

Next is my fave music right now

Kid cudi!! 

I have been working out again (about time) and this is the only thing I will listen to.  All I do is youtube Kid Cudi and the first thing that pops up is that kid Cudi 50+ thing and I click that and its just a continuous soundtrack playlist of kid cudi songs.   

This is an app that I am obsessed with

It is a freebie app called free stuff and basically its an app that sends you notifications whenever there is free stuff available.  It gives you a direct link to the offer and you make it happen. 

I used to go to soooo much work to get freebies like checking websites daily and constant email checking but now I get it all in a notification on the same app.  No work involved :) 

Okay these should be outlawed in the fashion world but I don't care I am in love.  

Just basic grey leggings in this exact color haha I don't even know how to describe it but they are just so amazing.  They are like sweatpants colors in leggings.  I wear these atleast once a week with nike socks and tennis shoes and a t-shrit.  Perfect lazy day pants. 

Pinicolada Pop!! 

This is a walmart brand fizzy water in a can! they usually make these liter bottles of it but this is the first I have sceen this flavor and the cans must be new.  It is zero cals zero sugar and no caffeine how perfect is that.  Pinicolada is like my fave thing in the world and now I have pop that tastes like it :) 

If you like pinicolada you so have to try this.  

Equal exchange chocolate 

These are really expensive but so worth it for a treat every now and again.
If you have never had REAL chocolate you need to.  Herseys is such a fake version of chocolate this stuff is alot more bitter because it has real coco in it. 
This company has lots of benefits to.  You can sell there stuff for fundraisers and they  are all free trade producers.  

Here is the link to buy this stuff:

More chocolate? Yes! 

Brookside Choc covered blueberries :)

If you have never tried this brand you must such a yummy treat.  The pomegranate ones are really good to.  
I got a few packages on sale after the holidays so you should check that out to see if there are any left so you can get them for a good price because they are kind of Pricey. 

Sentsy pots or wax warmers are one of the greatest investments... just saying...

These are my top two favorite sents. 

I recommend linen for bathroom and cashmere for your bedroom 

The best part is these are only 2 bucks at walmart

Ricola Green Tea with Echinacea cough drops

These are what got me through my December cold and there super yummy! 

Toasted Black coconut High Caff Tea

I am ordering more of these! They are alot lighter than other black tees that I have tried and I really like the caffeine amount in them.  

You can find these on republic of tea's website. 

Time again Shea Butter Milky smooth Almond Body butter

I used mine all up :( 

This is my beauty secret! I use body butter as a shaving jell because it works so much better and its really cheap! You can go to the dollar store and get loads of it! 

Black pointed toe pumps from Vanity

Can you beleive I thrifted these for 3$?!

Soap on a rope from The Candy Shop brand

Got these on sale after the holidays for 1.50!

These are sold on the walmart website but I don't know how much longer they will be in stock.  They are on sale and I think they just made them for the holidays 

Vanilla Tini! 

This is from Bath and body works new line and I have decieded it is my ALL TIME FAVE smell nothing beats it.  

I think its only limited addition because look at the size compared to there normal mists :( 

This hole new line is amazing I also picked up Strawberry sparkler.  The new line is literally like all alcohol themed? 

My new babies to add to the collection 

These are limited addition arriats and I paid big bucks for these but I am in love for sure.  

Here is the link to the youtube version of this:

I do recommend the video version because I just haven't been feeling very creative or spirity this week so this blog post might really suck but I just wanted to get this posted because its already late lol but please tell me your guys's faves in Dec.! I would love to hear.