Sunday, December 14, 2014


Freebies of Nov-Dec
I am here to give you guys a review about one of the products I received in November and also let you guys in on some of my fave freebie websites.  

These are all the random freebies I have received over the past few months.  There is over 30 products here that range from food to beauty and I paid absoluteness nothing for them.  

Some of these products are full size however most of them are not but hey free is always good right? :) 

Video haul of these products on this link


If you want to skip my review on Children's cough medicine go to the end of this post were I talk about all my fave websites and other ways to get freebies.  

Okay so this is a FULL SIZE sample I recived form a website called Smilley 360 one of the easiest freebie websites out there.  I wanted this because my little brother gets very sick during the holidays and when the weather gets bad so we always need this kind of stuff on hand and might as well try something new because sometimes the stuff we get does not always effect him.  

This was a pretty large box they sent me but my fave thing about Smiley is they always send you tons of coupons so you can use some and you can tell people about the product and then give them the product.  The box came with the full size medicine a (4 FL oz) A huge stack of coupons (I don't remember how many there was) and a little brocure telling me about the product I received.  

Okay I am going to start with the packaging:
Obviously the packaging isn't going to be super creative and fantastic because it is just medicine but for me I always shop for packaging which is probably a bad habit to have but you know what I want my life to be interesting in all aspects.  I thought this packaging was from like the 90's the label was kind of bleh yaknow?  Clearly I am using this for the function so this is one of those cases were I don't really care that the packaging looks like it came from my childhood.

Now for the actual review that matters.. did it work?
Okay the answer was yes it did work.  Before thanksgiving my brother started his usual symptoms when it gets icky out and that included all the things this medicine was supposed to cure.  
Stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, and a cough

I gave him a swig of this and he told me it tasted fine so if you have picky children than this is a good option for you.  

This product took care of pretty much all of his symptoms but the only complaint was it didn't kick in for about a half an hour.  I have had other products work within 15 minuets of consumption and this one was not one of those.  

When he was cured of course he wasn't perfect but this medication wasn't any worse than any other stuff we have ever given him before.  I think it is pretty comparable to any other medication we could have given him.  So no I wasn't like WOAH THIS IS A MIRICALE WORKER! but I was happy with the results.  

Recommending to other people:

I did recommend it to my family on thanksgiving and handed out three different coupons to let them try because we have alot of little ones in my family.... 14 of them to be exact... They all said they wanted to try it and I got back a response from one of them that it was a good product and saw nothing wrong with it but also noticed that it did not kick in as fast as they would have liked.  

Lists of all my fave freebie websites!

Freebieshark on facebook! Go like them! that is literally were I get like more than half of my freebies  That is were I got this cough medicine but they have way cooler stuff I promise this was just like my first one.  They also give you like a billion coupons. This is my favorite freebie website but its a lot of work to keep up with but this one is more for like beauty and and stuff like that the stuff I am generally more into.  What is cool about clout is that they generally give you full size products so that is awesome and it is like really easy to use especially if you are on twitter alot because it generally tracks everything for you. I like this one because usually they have some really different products that I would have never have tried otherwise and sometimes I really do go out and buy these products after I try them.  This one is also very male friendly. Every now and again target has some really really good freebies on there website.  

Veo This one is actually an app and they send full size products sometimes to and stuff you will really actually use this is my fave freebie app This one is probably my least fave website for freebies because I feel like its sketchy sometimes and gives out your info so that is your choice but I have got some REALLY amazing samples from sample source before.  

Facebook There are just freebies all over Facebook just follow tons of brands and sometimes they will pop up on your feed.  Also places on Facebook like beauty freebies or freebie ninja are really great they kind of put them all in one place for you.  

You can find tons of different websites by watching YouTube videos about freebies and stuff just dig deep and you will get one at least once a week and its the best feeling ever its like getting a present each month.  

I hope you guys enjoyed this post It was kind of different from my normal review or haul but I hope it might be slightly helpful for some of yall.