Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tampons V.S. Pads

Tampon V.S. Pads

 Hey guys! So today I am here to talk about a really random topic from my usual blog posts but I was asked to give a review about one of these products so I figured hey why not take a poll?  

Who uses tampons and who uses pads?  Also why do you use what you use? what is your fave brand?  What do you want to try?  Do you want me to start doing review/poll posts like this?  Comment bellow! 

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I also reviewed several other types of lip balms. :)

I suppose if I am asking for your opinions I should give you guys mine?  Well Personally I am a tampon fan.  I think if I was not an athlete than I wouldn't enjoy them as much but being in sports when your underwear is already collecting sweat upon sweat you don't need a DISGUSTING nasty diaper down there also absorbing the sweat.  It is just not appetizing... trust me on this.  Sorry about that TMI  but that is why I choose tampons  

Now for the review half of this post! 

Okay so I received Playtex Sport fresh balance tampons from Influenster to test out and give a review.  I will tell you guys my honest opinion I was not paid to do this I promise... lol. 

Okay so I got the regular which is usually what size I use but because I have been on birth control for quite some time now my lady time of the month has been very light so I use the small a lot more now so I kind of wish I could have got that kind but I understand why they send the regular size.  

Fresh balance: The thing behind the hole fresh balance thing is that they have an odor protection on them.  That kinda scared me a little bit at first because you know how they tell you have to be careful what you do down there like with soap and stuff cause it can throw your hormones off balance and what not and cause problems.  When I used them I did not notice any like off balance ness or any signs of yeast infection so the odor protection is fine it is totally safe.  

Performance: I went through a two hour softball practice with these things on three different days and I didn't have any leakage and most importantly NO uncomfortable stages.  This is probably the most important part of the product. 

Overall I was pleased with the product although I am still not completely sure how I feel about the hole odor thing.  I would almost rather have the most natural tampon I could and I feel like this is putting things in my body I don't want.  But I got a coupon for them so I will get more and continue to use them to basically make up my mind about them.  

Playtex is my top favorite brand for tampons so I will probably always get them.  If you are looking for a good brand I suggest them if you are new to the tampon world.  

Thanks for reading guys!!