Wednesday, October 8, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Influenster DLVoxBox

Hey guys! Right now I want to take this time to seriously apologize for not posting in several months now any blog posts or videos, I really am sorry I swear it's just that life is crazy hectic and I had to cut some things out of my schedule sadly and blogging happens to not end up at top of the priority list since I am trying to graduate this year :/ 

The good news is that it is slowly starting to wind down and so maybe this time I will have time to do more stuff but for today I have a product review for a few random products that Influenster sent me.  

For those of you who have no idea what Influenster is go check it our on! Basically you sign up and you fill out questions and surveys and do reviews on different products to make your score higher.  The higher the score and also depending on your obvious interests you can qualify for something called a VoxBox which is bassically a box they send you full of products to try and all you have to do is blog about them or put them on your insta and tag them and what not and also tell them what you thought of each product.  FREE OF CHARGE!! It is so easy guys and honestly one of the funnest things in the world it is like getting a present in the mail like no joke makes you feel warm inside.  

Okay so now that we have a better understanding of what it is I will now tell you what I received and what I thought of each of the products.  (I haven't gotten around to trying every single one of them yet I will explain why when I talk about them)

Okay so basically I got 6 Products in this box and I will now review each of them individually.  

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons: Okay so I am very familiar with Playtex tampons and I have never been unhappy with them.  I am an athlete so Tampons are my life you underwear is already soaked in sweat (sorry TMI) and you don't need any other liquids mixing with it that is why I am against pads its like the grossest thing ever when you play sports so year I love Playtex.... The only complaint I have about these is the hole "lightly scented" thing they have.  I am kind of scared what these are going to my hormone balance down there?  Let me guys know what you think!

Sinful colors Red Nail Polish: Okay so sinful colors usually retails for about 3 bucks so not bad right? It is right in between the cheap and expensive nail polishes.  This is quality polish guys it gets the job done just fine for me of course if you get it profesh done its going to be a lot nicer but a home just quick pain job it does great.  This is in the shade NO TEXT RED.  Basically they are trying a movement were if you paint your thumbs with red nail polish it reminds you not to text and drive and stuff so its just one of those cool movements people try to put on.  This is actually my exact go to color every day anyways so I already had the same exact bottle... funny right?  But yeah it does the job just fine for me looks good on great pigment what more do you need?

Softlips Cube: THIS WAS BY FAR MY FAVE PRODUCT! Keep in mind I am a lip balm addict.. big big time... It has also become my go to lip balm and its the cutest thing ever.  It is kind of a play off of EOS lip balms but the outside is a cube and the inside is round like EOS.  I got the raspberry flavored one and it gave me a coupon for it so I am going to now go get the vanilla one.  It is just amazing it has like spf in it my fave thing to put in lip balms and it goes on great AND it tastes amazing... 

Pilot Friction Ball Point Pen: I got this pen in two colors black and blue.  I have good things to say about this but also some bad. To start with the bad I guess the ink isn't as perfect as some other ball point pens and usually when you look for ball point pens you look for that nice fine super jet black smooth pen.  Also the blue ink is hard to mark sometimes it acts like it is already out and I have hardly used it.  One more complaint is that it is a click pen but instead of clicking at the top or having a button on the side like mechanical pencils the clip on it is the clicker.  My thing is that isn't that the first thing people break on pens?  If that part breaks than you are kind of SOL.  

Okay the good is that the colors aren't that bad, it is one of the higher quality ball point pens (also a pen addict that is why I loved this box very very much) Now they are called friction pens for a reason... The top of the eraser is this hard rubber thing... its an eraser!! It is basically a permanent eraser but it erases PERFECTLY you don't even know that you had marked the paper!  Look for my review video later this month and you will see what I mean.  It is amazing best erasable pen ever.  I use this every day in my classes its the best I recommend people this all the time.  

Covergirl Liquid Gorgeous foundation: I am going to be honest I haven't tried this yet because I only use foundation for when I cheer and I haven't cheered yet this week AND I just bought a ton of new foundation.  But I plan on using it this week when I cheer.  Than I will let you all know! 

Kiss Fake Eye Lashes:  I have never been crazy about fake eye lashes but just the other day I was considering maybe trying a pair and now I have a reason to! I won't try them for a few months though because I want to wear them to a school dance and the next one isn't till the winter.  But I will deff let you guys know how it goes.  

That is all I have for you guys today! If you want to watch the video of me unboxing this I have it on this link:

Also I will hopefully have a review video up in the near future.  

So my two fave products are the pens and the lip balm I would recommend that to anyone and everyone go get it!