Sunday, July 20, 2014

DIY: Waitress Apron

DIY: Waitress Apron

  • Fabric (I chose two contrasting fabrics)
  • Scissors 
  • Sewing machine or strong glue 
  • Ribbon
  • Iron

I like many other teenagers work to put gas into our vehicles and because we have no experience in anything big and important we are forced to work minimum wage jobs.  I am one of those teenagers... 

Personally I love waitressing but if you do not feel the same way an easy way to make going to work a little less terrible is to make your wardrobe more fun :) At my work we wear ALL black. Black top pants and shoes, our aprons are even black...

I am sorry but that's a crime!  So I asked my manager (which I strongly suggest you do before you make this) if it was okay if I made a fun and cute waitress apron.  She said yes! :) I was honestly kind of surprised but I wasn't going to question it :) 

This project can be altered to fit your style and you can do as much or as little to it as you want.  I kept mine pretty simple because I know my boss wouldn't be to happy if I went any crazier. This project can also be a no sew.  I recommend finding a strong fabric glue that is a quick dry but you can try hot glue.  I chose to sew because it will be stronger.  

Step one: cut two pieces of fabric 
Piece one: 22" long and 13" tall 
Piece two: 22" long and 7" tall 

I chose two contrasting fabrics but you can use the same if you would like. 

Step Two: Fold over raw edges
Use a one inch seam allowance and mark it on the two short sides and one long side.  
The top will be folded over and the two sides will if that explains it easier. 

Take notice!
For the small rectangle you only need to pick 1 long side to hem the rest can be left alone. 

I just wanted to show you guys how I did it. 
 So fold the side over to the 1" line you marked out 
 Then just fold that in half and iron down. 

Step Three: Sew the folds down
(or glue)

Step Four: Pin right and wrong side together
Usually when you sew you put right sides together but in this case you need to but the RIGHT side of the little rectangle facing down on the WRONG side of the big rectangle 

If you are just gluing yours go ahead and just glue down the three sides of the little rectangle LEAVING THE TOP OPEN!

Step Five: Sew
Just like the gluers did sew the bottom and the two sides and make sure you keep the top open

Step Six: Turn inside out
If you did it right you should have both your right side of your big fabric and ur little fabric facing you. 

(before turing inside out you may have to trim off some access fabric) 

Final step(S): Sew pockets and sides and add ties
See were I marked the lines? sew 2 lines down the little rectangle to make pockets. Your measurements may be different then mine but try to make them even.  

You will also have to go down the edges of the apron because your big rectangle will have fabric that still needs to be folded over.  (you will understand what I mean when you make it) 

Now add a way to tie it! 

You could make your own ties from fabric or just buy some ribbon (that's what I did) Just sew to the edges of your apron and you are officially done!

Well there you have it! I really really really hope that wasn't to confusing.  I was trying to simplify it as best as I could.  If you have any questions just comment and I will try my best to answer them! 

If you attempt to make this or your own version I would LOVE to see it.  Tag me in a picture of it on instagram @DIYNATION7797