Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIY: Fabric covered trash can

Fabric Covered trash Can

This is a great DIY if you are looking to add some updates to your room without breaking the bank. I just used a trashcan we had on hand as an easy way to change our surroundings :) Sometimes you need a little change in scenery and the easiest way to do that is REDUCE REUSE AND RECYCLE! :D

  • Trash can 
  • Fabric of choice
  • Other decorators like ribbons bows flowers jewels ect Get Creative with it!
  • hot glue gun 
  • Felt
  • Scissors 
  • Measuring tape

Look how ugly this thing is^ 
I think my mom has had it since she got married it was in desperate need for an update 

You need to get the correct amount of fabric so measure the height of the trashcan and the distance all the way around.  Add 2" to the measurements so that way you have room to tuck in raw edges.  

Mine got smaller at the bottom so I took three all the way around measurements so that way it would conform to the can better.  This is optional it wont be a big deal if you do not do this. 

1. Fold down the raw edges and glue it down the trash can

2. Fold the fabric over the top of the can 
You do not have to hide these frayed edges because we are just going to line it with ribbon later

3. Glue all the way around the can until you meat your original side of fabric.  Again tuck in the raw edges and glue down overlapping the first side.  

Now for the bottom.. 

4. Pucker the excess fabric and glue down to the bottom making sure you pull tight and fold over 
If you are new to DIY this might take a little practicing but you just have to remember you can manipulate the fabric however you want just keep pulling tugging folding and gluing 

5. Finally trace the bottom of the can on the felt cut out and glue over all the nasty raw edges 

6. Remember in the begging how we folded the edges over the top? Now all you need to do is take quarter inch ribbon or whatever size will cover your edges and glue it down over the frayed edges.  

Simple enough? ... I hope? 

If you enjoyed this project enough to make one f your own or a verson like it I would love to see it.  Tag me in a picture of it on instagram @DIYNATION7797