Saturday, February 8, 2014

Glitter is my Prozac: Vintage Jewelry Haul


Here is yet another haul but this time it will be all about jewelry. Mainly all from the 80's but still cute.  You can watch the video version of this on my youtube channel.  The link will be at the end of the post.  

This is most definitely an 80's necklace. Geometric shapes and bright colors were a staple of the 80's and I love the fact that they are so unique.  Some things that were done in the 80's should be buried forever and never resurface but I don't think this is one of them.  This is another way to have the newest trend statement necklaces. 

This is a necklace and jewelry set.  It has rubys and diamonds with a simple gold chain. 

Here is a piece that tends not to be very popular and I can't understand why because it is precious.  It is an anklet.  The delicate essence will be a great touch for my outfits this summer. 

Here is yet another "unloved" piece. This one is a toe ring.  My mom is so crazy for toe rings she had the same three on for more than 20 years and even got married in them.  They finally broke off last year but now maybe I can learn to love them just as much with its simple Aztec like print. 

Just a simple silver heart stud a great staple. 

I apologize for the terrible nails and hands.  
Here is just a simple cross stud. 

Simple gold stud. 

Here is a matching necklace and earring set. The purple looking jewel is an amethyst. The necklace has just a simple gold chain.  It works for so many outfits and has been my go to lately

This earring doesn't have a mate but it is just a simple diamond.  I have my upper ear cartilage pierced so it will be great to have for there.

Just another simple stud with a blue jem in it.  It is in the shape of a butterfly which i'm not crazy for but I fell in love with the blue in it. 

Again sorry for the gross hands that's what I get for being a softball player. 
These had a matching necklace.  It is a simple stud one half silver one half gold and the matching necklace was one half silver one half gold and that's how it connected but sadly the magnet connecting them no longer works. 

Just a simple silver hoop I have found myself wearing them a lot because of the simplicity of them.

Basic gold chain this one is adjustable so it can get longer or shorter.

Silver chain with diamond midsections. 
My new fave chain. 

Another gold chain with a great texture. 

To watch the video version of this haul go to this link: