Saturday, February 8, 2014

TEA TIME: Shoe unboxing, pinterest


I think I am going to try to add some life posts in here and there so TEA TIME will be the heading. 
As I am posting this I am drinking some green tea with honey. 

Wednesday night I went to our church center were all the kids hang out and they had concert style worship it was a lot of fun and I love Nicks voice.  Hes such a cutie! Its good to just go to a nice concert and have some fun with some friends which I REALLY needed this week. 

Sometimes when i'm not feeling great a shower is always the answer to relax and now that I have a brand new bathroom I put on some tunes on the Itunes version of Pandora and this oldy song came on, it's my newest obsession.  I think I am going to talk to my band teacher to find the band version of it for marching band next year <3 

I went the a funeral on Friday (you can hear more about on the last tea time) and after the funeral I just needed some candy to binge on cause I was feeling down and this 1.9 pound bag of sour patch kids did the trick.  Me and the cheer girls sat around doing our hair before the game eating them. 

I know this bag looks really beat up but i'ts my new bag I am in the process of breaking in to make it look nicer.  There will be a blog post coming up about this bag and it has been featured in one of my hauls. But it is differently my new favorite bag I have owned.  

Here is some really sad news. Somehow my Pinterest got deactivated!! I am absolutely crushed.  So if you follow me on Pinterest I am sorry I can bombard your feed with all of my pins. 
If this has happen to any of you can you fill me in if they actually did anything about it? 

I have an unboxing video of these new babies on my youtube channel! They are amazing and I only paid $15 for them.  What a steal! These are definitely going to become part of a weekly outfit for me they are wonderful.  A new staple for winter/fall is riding boots.  Now I think I need a brown pair :)
The link to watch it is here: