Saturday, February 8, 2014

TEA TIME: You matter, suicide

Monday at school someone...

Hi kids, we all need to sit down and have a chat. Go ahead grab some tea and get comfortable cause this might be quite the chat. 

You can watch the video verson of this talk. The link to it is at the bottom of the post.

I will be drinking a green tea on ice :)

I would like to start out with a quote.  
You have mass.
You occupy Space. 
You are living.
Guess what?
You matter. 

Lets take a second to just think.... 
all of you guys matter. You are all here by the grace of god or if you are not a believer in god well you are here for some freekin reason and I am happy you are here.  

Back to the beginning of this post

Monday at school someone... 

Killed themselves. 

I go to a school small enough were literally everyone knows everyone.  You have went to school with the same people since kindergarten and you will all graduate together.  When something happens to one of us it happens to all of us.  

A boy in my class just 17 years old Monday night at 5 p.m. shot himself in the head to end everything and leave this community in nothing but thoughts and tears.  

I need everyone to realize that they matter they are here and people do want them here.  However you got here weather it was the grace of god or you are the descendant of apes we are all here for some reason.  We are not just here to sit in the corner and breathe. NO. We are here to do something weather its to work at McDonald or create something as big as Apple.  

Threw all of our lives we will meet people that will be effected by us but without your presence here on this earth that person will miss out on meeting you.  I want to meet all the people I was supposed to meet in 20 years.

The reason Connor took his life is because he had something called cluster headaches.   Cluster headaches are a very terrible thing to get.  You get severe migraines that basically disable you.  When he would get them he would be out of school for weeks at a time.  The thing is there is no cure and not much you can do for the pain and to make it worse you never know when they will end.

Cluster headaches nickname is suicide headaches.

Connor this is for you: I am sorry you went threw so much pain that you just wanted it all to end.  You will be missed so much and I hope to see you again someday. I know you are no longer in pain I hope you do all the things you wanted to do that you couldn't do when you were in pain.  

     For those who have suicidal thoughts.  I hope whatever is causing you to feel this way I am sorry.  Some of us go threw so much more than others and I am sorry for whatever happened that made you feel this way and I also hope you decide to stay on this earth until the day you were meant to leave. 

     For those of you who don't have suicide thoughts I challenge you two things.  
1. When joking around NEVER say anything like go die or this is so terrible just shoot me or anything along those lines.  You never truly no the deep side behind those words until a life is lost so I challenge you to end the habit before it is started. 

2. Write a letter.  While receiving the news Monday at school one of our teachers had us write a letter.  It didn't matter to who or to what weather they be alive or living but write a letter to them.  You didnt have to show anyone or even the person you wrote it to but just write something down.  

This is my letter I wrote I plan to save it for when we have a bon fire and burn it. 

The day of the funeral we had a basketball game so all of the cheerleaders wrote this on our hand for the boy who was had passed.  We put it on the student sections hands as well.  

Here is the link to watch the video version: