Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vibes for the Edgy Haul

Here is yet another haul of clothing I have managed to dig out of my closet.  This one is smaller and has some sentimentalness toward the end of it but there are some real jems.  

You can see the video version of this on my youtube channel there is a link at the end of the the page.   

This is my fave item that I dug out.  It is an off white body suit with a beautiful texture.  The neckline has an amazing detail I have fallen in love with. 

 Body suits were really popular in the 80's, some other names for them were unitards, jumpsuits, one peices, or onsies.  They are perfect for layering and make tucking in easy and allow for you to add more without the bulge to make you appear bigger.  There is snaps in the crotch area.  

My mom hates this and wishes I would have just thrown it a way but I could never! With a deep red color as rich and perfect as this along with a perfect collar I couldn't pass up.  Rules of fashion... NEVER throw out a cardigan.  With big pockets and bright buttons you cant go wrong.

What is your opinion on wearing white after labor day? Well for me white has never really been something I have done and if I did it is an off white or cream color but I am always looking for ways to amp up my wardrobe.

These are a pair of high wasted white pants.  I have no clue on how to rock white pants or white anything for that matter but it is good to go out of your comfort zone some times.  The plan is to wear them a few times as pants and than around spring I think I will cut them off into shorts.  I feel like white shorts will be much easier to pull off.

Acid wash was a thing back in the 80's as well as now but the difference between this amazing pair of jeans and the ones you buy at H&M is that these were free and they are true vintage.  Acid wash is truly edgy and exactly what I need to bring back some edge in my closet.  They are high wasted with a great detail with the seam in the front and the back.  You can see the butt detail if you go to my youtube channel.

  These are the first pair of vintage jeans I have found that are actually long enough for me usually they are to short like high waters which means I can rock the cuffed look but its just nice to have a pair that I actually have a choice.

I don't know what kind of wash these are honestly.  They are kind of like acid wash but still not full blown.  I could say they are light wash but they are not blue they are grey and the seams look like they were acid washed.  If you know what kind of wash these are comment and let me know I am curious.

Never the less they are adorable, high wasted, and free.  Another ounce of edginess to add.

This one is kind of boring and bland but another fashion rule is to never turn down textures and the easiest way to add texture is light basic sweaters.  And lets be real turning down a sweater?...not likely..

Okay this one may require some explaining....
If you are like me and don't enjoy reading things just go to my video I have linked at the end of this post and you can just hear my reasoning behind keeping this.

My mom was going to throw this out but I just couldn't let her do it because it looks like a bag Michel Kors has... Now I understand you guys are looking at a thrift blog so it is not likely that you care much about brand names and nor do I but for some reason I fell in love with a specific bag from Michel Kors.  It is called Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Travel tote it comes in several colors and I wanted the light brown.  But the facts are is it is $298 and if you know me you know that I wouldn't even pay $20 for a pair of jeans so there is no way I would pay that much for a simple bag.

Now before you judge me and call me a traitor for betraying the thrifters rule book but I will show you this amazing bag.

Look at the beauty of this bag! I am going to be doing a hole blog post on this but look at the identicalness of the two bags.  The differences is the color inst the exact, the names of brands are not the same, the color and the little MK charm it has but other than that they are quite similar.  

With a little clean up the bag will help me decide if I would like to invest into it in the future.  

Well enough about that....

This silver trey was actually one of my parents wedding presents that never got used, she was going to throw it away and I was like no way! So now it is my jewelry / perfume type trey thing.  It adds a classy feel to your room.  It would also look cute in a bathroom.

I got this cute little guy on my first trip to the zoo and now he is a great decoration.  :)

If you grew up in the 90's you might know who that cute little bear is on the left.  ITS BEAR FROM THE BEAR IN THE BIG BLUE HOUSE!!! Best show ever...

Comment telling me what  I should name my cute little turtle.  I am thinking of something along the lines of phil?

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ory0JltuSPM