Friday, January 3, 2014

Coffee Cup Tissue Holder DIY

Now that it is definitely the winter season and it is absolutely freezing outside! (well here in Nebraska it is) I have came up with the perfect DIY for when everyone starts getting those terrible colds.  Plus the theme goes great for this time of the year because who doesn't love a cup of warm coffee or tea. I will now show you how to make the bellow project.  

Here is a DIY for those Coffee and Tea lovers out there

The level of this DIY is very simple and very very quick.  All of maybe 15 minuets.  

Supplies you will need are:
  • Disposable coffee/tea cup 
  • pocket tissues 
  • exacto knife 
  • hot glue gun (optional)

The first step is to of coarse get all your materials and than rinse out your coffee cup.  

 Where I marked green on the lid is where you need to take your exacto knife and cut out.  This will be the opening were the tissues will come out.  

The next step is easy, you fill it full of tissues and feed one threw the hole.  I used the glue gun to secure the cardboard Starbucks heat protector around the cup for show.  That step is optional.