Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Adventure to Texas day 2

Day two I wake up in the prettiest most extravagant hotel/resort ever. It was way out of my league they had several acres of just a resort full of shops "river walk" restaurants, hotel rooms just everything. Also everything was as expensive as it looked. 
Look but don't touch I told myself ;) 

The activities of that day included: 
Tour of Dallas cowboy stadium 
2 workshops 
Opening session 

Here is the top of the resort it's like a football dome type top at night the star lights up. 

Here are some hotel rooms and this is some of the pathways to take you threw the extravagant resort. 

They were all decorated for Christmas already..... Those presents were HUGENORMOUS.  A good comparison would be it's bigger than the cab part of the semi truck. 

This was on top of one of the western themed restaurants. Again another HUGENORMOUS item. I guess everything is bigger in Texas. 

You know how I said look but don't touch? Yeah I broke that rule for breakfast this was not only my most expensive breakfast but my fanciest. You wanna know how I know that? It was called a vegetable quiche! How fancy does that sound! It was pretty good to so I guess you get what you pay for. 

The next part of the day included touring the Dallas cowboy's football stadium! That was also quite large. 

This is the biggest TV screen in history and that is literal hey broke a record. We watched basketball on it. 

Look at those cuties! 

Sorry this pic is blurry they were telling m to hurry my butt up so I was like sprint jogging. THEY HAVE THERE OWN VICTORIA SECRET STORE!

Me and the bestie <3 

Our tour guide his name was "G". He was kick butt. 

We went I to the locker room they had some of there jerseys around u could try on. 

Stay tuned for day three of my trip :) ...or not that's cool to :)