Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 3 of Texas trip

On day three of my adventure in Texas it was a pretty simple day a lot of exploring happens a lot of mingling with cute boys ;) and some pretty boring sessions (with usefull information) but all and all it was a lot of fun. 

We are at a little cute hometown restruant with the best sweat tea ever! Gosh I should have been a southerner... 

My girl Maddie ain't she just perty! cheer buds =)

Here's my other girl Britt. She never fails to make me Laugh till I'm close to peeing. <3 

This is a panoramic view of this huge Christmas themed train set they have going threw the resort so adorable <3. 

This is Mo another bestie =-] (softball buds)

They have lots of really cool "Christmases trees" made out of all sorts of things. 

Tequila bottles^ 

Literally thousands of teenagers at this event.

We fit 50 people in a 6 person hot tub! And I jumped In water that was 30 degrees in a bikini....it was a yolo night... 

I have 1 more day for u guys :) And that was the sad journey home.