Sunday, March 16, 2014

8 Days of Sweaters

8 days of sweaters 
 last Sunday I told you guys I was going to wear a sweater every day till the next Sunday.  I have enough sweaters that it is okay to say I have a problem so naturally I did not get them all worn this winter.  It is finally getting to the 30's and 40's every few days so that means it will start warming up and I wont get to wear my babies anymore so I just thought I would wear 8 more sweaters that I never got to wear.  I kept my promise to you guys and wore one every day! 

Day one 


  • Quirkie puppy and kitty sweater 
  • black leggings 
  • hot pink infinity scarf 
  • pink ugg boots 
Day two

  • Bold print sweater 
  • black leggings 
  • black uggs 
  • weird necklace 
  • watch 
Day three 

  • Red cow sweater 
  • black leggings 
  • Basic black boots 
Day Four 

  • Whale sweater 
  • Black leggings 
  • black riding boots 

Day Five

  • Big chunky guy sweater 
  • Black leggings 
  • Black boots 
  • Brown scarf 
Day six 

  • burgundy cable sweater 
  • Guitar scarf 
  • jeans 
  • Riding boots 
Day seven 

  • Red scarf 
  • Cropped sweater 
  • Red pleated skirt 
  • Black flats 

Day Eight 

  • Basic black sweater 
  • Brown toned infinity scarf 
  • hand tooled leather belt 
  • Kakis 
  • Vera Wang nude heels 
That was my eight days of sweaters hope you guys enjoyed!

If any of you ever discover a sweater that is completley rediculous tag me on instagram with a picture of it @DIYNATION7797