Sunday, March 16, 2014

Smash Sunday

Smash Sunday
Its that time of the week again! Yes smash Sunday :) Today's theme was Colors, Naturally I chose the color pink because I...own the color pink.. 

You walk into my room and its like pink threw up everywhere.  If it comes in pink I probably own it.  

Its getting so full I love it!

Heres what it looks like :) By far my fave out of all my pages 

I took an old boa and put it across the top.  There are tons of vintage pink buttons to represent my sewing.  The pink camo jean pocket is because I LOVE pink camo and inside the pocket I put a letter I wrote to myself ...and I wrote it in pink pencil! There is a victoria secret bag and a pink bow to represent my love for bows. There is also a breast cancer ribbion several little pink flowers along with some paper stars.  There are many other random little pink things and I coated the hole thing in GLITTER!! wooooo! 

What have you put in your smash book recently? 

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