Monday, March 17, 2014

Easter egg Decorating DIY

Decorating Eggs DIY
The posh way

There is a quick egg display DIY at the end of this post as well.

Decorating eggs is a great Easter tradition for most of us but I wanted to do an egg decorating tutorial that is a little more stylish than your  average koolaid dye.  

The way we are going to make these will also allow you to keep them over time to let you enjoy them for years to come.  

To make these eggs last we have to hallow them out.

Supplies for hallowing
  • Bowl
  • egg
  • push pin 

Step one- push the pin into the pointed side of the egg

There are two sides of your egg there is the fat side and there is the pointed side.  Gently push the pin into the pointed side of the egg. 

Step two- make a pinky sized hole on the fat side of the egg

Now on the fat side of the egg repeat poking holes into the egg until you get a hole about the size of your pinky nothing bigger. 

Step three- Blow out the egg yolk and whites 

Just put your mouth on the side of the egg with the small hole and blow out the insides into a bowl.  This will be very easy and I promise its not gross you will not be able to taste the egg. 

Now you have supper :) 

I am going to show you three different ideas so you will need three different eggs all hollowed out.


For the first egg we are going to paint a lace print on it.  
You need practically no skill for this one its a great starting project.

A variation of this project is you cold also cover it in a glitter or glue the lace strait to the egg instead of painting it.  

  • Newspaper/well ventilated area 
  • egg
  • old lace 
  • paint of your choice (spray paint works best)

Step one- lay out your newspaper than cover egg in lace

Lace with large open holes in it works best.  When you lay it out plan what part of the lace you want printed on your egg. 

Continue to do this until you get hole thing covered.  let it dry and your done!

If you see from the picture of all three of the eggs I went and added another color to mine to make it a little better.  If you are going to do this I would recommend doing your light color first  than your dark color over it.  

The next DIY will be a decoupage egg using old patterns.  

There could be many variations added to this one.  You don't have to use an old sewing pattern there are many things that you could add to this egg like newspaper or some magazine pages.  I would like to try covering one with fabric scraps myself. If you do any variations of this tag me in a picture of it on instagram @DIYNATION7797

  • Old patterns (or whatever you are covering your egg with)
  • Mod podge (regular glue works fine to.  I will levee a link on how to make your own mod podge. 
  • paint brush 
  • egg

Step one- Cut pieces out of pattern

To get the best results cut pieces that have a lot of markings on them. 

Step two- cover egg in mod podge

This sounds easy enough right? Again if you are not using mod podge the same process applies with whatever you are using. 

Step three- Cover egg 

Start covering your egg by laying whatever you are using.  Try your best to get the most markings on the egg for the best results, this may take a little manipulating. 

Sometimes the more layers you add the better it looks you shouldn't be able to see the egg through the paper.  

This DIY will show you how to make a textured egg using a glue gun.

This last one is very different and the customization to this one is endless because you can draw any design you want. 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • newspaper 
  • Egg
  • Paint (pray paint works the best)

Step one- draw out your design 

Step two- trace design with hot glue

As you can see I ended up not following my design perfectly but its good to have just so you don't mess it up.  Once the glue is on it will not be coming off. 

Step three- paint

I just pray painted mine in balck but I think a brown would add a very rustic look as well.  Go crazy with the colors on this one. 


Egg display DIY

  • Old book
  • Brown or black paint 
  • Something to draw with 
  • Scissors/exacto knife

Step one- distress book 

There are many ways to distress your book.  I blotted paint onto an old newspaper and rubbed it all over the book.  The next thing you can do is take your scissors and rub the sharp side on the edges on the corners of the book. 

Step two- draw your circles 

Your holes should be about pinky sized.  You shouldn't be able to see the holes wen the eggs are on them.  It should be just enough were the base of the egg can rest in them. 

Step three- puncture holes 

I just took my sissors and jamed them into the holes and turned the scissors repeatedly to make the hole because they were the perfect size.  Once you do this you will stand to clean up the top so the egg can stand on it easily.  

lastley balance your eggs on the holes (this may take a bit of practice) If you don't care to reuse your stand just glue the eggs into the holes.  

You are now done! Have a good easter guys! :) 

If you make any of these DIY'S I would love to see pictures.  Tag me on instagram @DIYNATION7797