Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Busy is a Drug: Long time no talk

Hey ladies!... and gents for those of you who are of male species.  I am here to apologize that I have been absent for about a week now and I am sorry to say I will not be able to a legit post till at least next week.  I made it to state speech! So that plus a few other life things have been going on but I did want to leave you guys with a little something before I said goodbye for the next few days.  

In honor of me going to state speech this post is all about business outfits.  I might have a slight obsession with suits.... I might also own 7 different vintage suits.... 

I do not have picture of my suits but here are a few that I have recently found on pinterest that I am lusting over.   

A vintage light pink dress suit! Ugh when I saw this I new I will be forever looking for one but know I could never pull it off because of this darn red hair!

This is something I have always wanted very much.  I want to find a gray one like this minus the peplum.  

This is so preshi preshi! This texture is to die for.  

Beige suits get me every time especially one with this much detail. 

I have never been to big on pant suits because simply I have a hard time finding pants long enough for my legs but this is just perfect.  

To me this is a bit more modern and breaks a few rules with being professional.  Its like if a fashionista were to dress for success.  I love it.  

This is the only casual looking suit I found that I was so in love with because its freeking pink but the way she wears it isn't all like oh I am a pink suit and i'm bold but it is more like comfy cute fancy sleek casual that only preps can pull off. 

Which suit was your fave? Why was that? What do you look for in a suit? 
Tag me in pics of your fave suits on instagram @DIYNATION7797