Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quickie DIY: Blue Jean Curls

Quickie DIY
Blue jean curls 
Learn how to make curls like this from old jeans! 

Look cute while recycling? That's the perfect combo is it not. 

This form of hair curling is no heat are green and are super comfy to sleep in to make the hole process easier for you.  This all natural method of curling your hair is healthy for your hair and the earth.  

  • Old pair of jeans
  • Scissors
  • ruler

First step- Cut a section out of the jeans you can use to cut into strips 

I just cut off one of the pant legs 

Step two- Cut off any seams 

You can use these seams if you would like for smaller curls but I personally prefer not to 
Save your seams for other projects 

Step three- Cut into strips 

Make these strips about and inch to a half inch wide
It is completely okay to not have them exact i really does not matter but the wider the strip the harder they will be to use in the end.  

Step four- cut your strips to appropriate length about 10" or longer 

Now you are done with the making processes I will now teach you how to put them in.  

Some things you will need to effectively put your blue jean curls in are: 
- Water/damp wet hair
-Blue jean curlers
-Bennie or shower cap 

Step one- Dampen your hair with water or do this right as you have come out of the 
if your hair is to wet the curls will come right out when you take the curls out so let your hair dry a while if you are doing this strait out of the shower.  

Step two- Curl your hair around the jean strip 

Just take a chunk at a time the more hair you have at one time the less tight the curl will be.  The less hair you have the tighter the curl.  


Continue to curl the hair all the way up to the roots f your hair 

This process may take some practice to perfect

Step three- tie the the strip 

It is okay to tie it twice to make sure it is secure 

This is what it will look like when you are done... completely ridiculous... 

Some of the strands (for me especially in the back) are looser than others this is natural it helps add a more natural curl look to it.

Step four- Put all of the curls inside a beanie or shower cap to hold them in while you sleep 

You do not have to sleep in these to make them work but they must be in several hours till the make the curls

If you sleep in them sometimes one or two of the curls might fall out...its a pain but it happens.  The more practice you have this the better you will get and it wont happen as much.  

The last thing I am going to show you how to do is to take out your curls.  I will also let you in on some helpful tips on how to make the curls better.  

Some things you might need for this are:
-Hair dryer 
-Hair spray 

This is what I looked like when I wook up in the morning 
Real sexy I know 

The first step is to of course to un tie your curlers 

At first your curls will be super kinky and possibly look ridiculous 

All the curlers I took out ^

This is what they looked like after I worked with them a bit.  

 Some helpful things to do and not to do:

Spray down with water (thats what I do for my bangs) 

NEVER brush your curls they will just turn into a big fluf mess if you do need to do some light brushing just take a comb and gently do it to the spot 

blow dry it to dry any extra water that never dried while you were sleeping this will help the curls stay longer 

A little hair spray never hurt anyone and bobby pins are your friend 

I added a poof because I couldn't quite get the bangs to do what I wanted but If you try this I would love to see pictures! @DIYNATION7797

Smiling is the best accessory

Hope you enjoyed!