Sunday, March 2, 2014

Smash Sunday: All About Me

Smash Sunday

Me and my friend Brittany are going to both start something new on our blogs called Smash Sunday.  Smash Sunday is our smash book day.  Each Sunday we will do a page in our smash books related to a theme.  

If you would like to see her smash post here is the link:

Now I understand many of you are totally confused on what a smash book is so I will elaborate.  

My definition of a smash book:  An unorganized messy scrap book/journal. 

If you still do not understand any of this here are a few picture examples of what a smash book might look like. 

Starting to get it? 

Smash books are meant to just literally smash anything and everything into A note book.  
  • Thoughts 
  • Poems
  • Pictures 
  • ticket stubs
  • Magazine cutouts 
The bulkier the better! By the time your smash book is completely done it should be twice the size or even triple the size it was before.  It should not be able to be closed is what I am saying.... 

Hopefully that helped a bit on explaining it.   

And now... My new smash book... 

This is what I started with.  Just a plain and simple composition notebook. A few pages had been used and the front was a bit beat up.  But to me that meant the perfect smash book. 

I than covered the ugly in an adorable scrapbook paper and put my name on the front.  I wanted it nice and simple because the inside is going to be so cluttered it just kind of felt right.  

Today's theme Brittany and I had was all about me. 
We kind of figured since its the first day it is a great place to start 

On the left side side I wrote a not to myself.  I put some basic information about myself so in the future when I re read this smash book I kind of have an idea were I was in my life.  

Stuff like my age, grade, and the date I created it.  

I also made a mission statement to myself: 
I will always put a great amount of effort into this smash book.  I will try to do all positive pages as best as I can.  Some day I hope to look back on this book and think "wow" I am really proud of  myself. 

Here is my first page!! 

I will kind of explain what they all mean because to most you would be totally lost. 

The lipstick on the side resembles my favorite color (pink) 
The dog at the top is a cocker spaniel (represents my puppy I love so much) 
Sour patch kids (my fave candy) 
Thrift shopping -- for obvious reasons 
The heart is there for someone that is very close to me and I love very much 
Softball (The other love of my life) 
Butterfly heart (represents my love for camping and the outdoors) 
Mermaid bottom left (I am pretty positive I am a mermaid) 
glitter --- glitter runs threw my veins 
The reason the glitter is blue is cause thats my school color and since I am a cheerleader I figured I would add that in there 
Than random words that represent my personality 

Well... that was my smash sunday! 

In other news here is something exciting I did today!

I have been learning how to wield and this was the first piece that I have ever wielded together.... looks like a work of art to me. :)