Monday, March 3, 2014

Inspiration: Creative Bug, Dying to Crawl in

If you would ask me or one of my great friends Brittany we would both tell you that you are never to old to color! 

I will quot another great friend -- "no one should ever tell you how to color" or "life is your coloring book" 

Gosh I love speech meets we can get so philosophical.

So obviously we color a lot... and yes we do color in princess coloring books often sipping from juice boxes and yes.. we are 16 almost 17 years old but we don't let that hold us back from the little things in life.   
I recently ran across an amazing poem/quote on my pinterest today and I just had to share it with everyone. 

I don't know about you but this really speaks to me. So in honor of being hit with a "creative bug" I have found over 50 of my favorite crayon DIY'S.  I scoured pinterest, blogs, and youtube for some of the best tutorials.  

Find your creative bug and give some of them a go; or just simply go and pick yourself up a 99 cent coloring book, make yourself some tea and enjoy the little things in life... like coloring books. 

Creative bug tutorials: 

If your new to the DIY seen here are some lower level yet adorable tutorials- 

Paper vine shows you how to make adorable shaped crayons with your old and broken crayons. Yay for recycling!

Britt + Co. shows you how to make these modern and very posh looking crayon candles.
(btw a suggestion is to go withought the extra wax and use only crayons it makes it a much cheaper DIY and will truly be recycling) 

Happiness Homemade explains easy ways to remove the wrappers from your crayon. This will make all of these tutorials so much easier ... Duh!

The very first tutorial I showed you guys was how to make creative shaped crayons. Well, Here are a few pictures that I hope inspire you to make all kinds of crazy different shapes. 

Here are a few of my faves, try to make your own or buy them from the links listed. 

1. Puzzle pieces:
2. Popsicle:
3. Cupcakes:
4. lego pieces:

The blog Hands On As We Grow Complied there own list of 35 crayon DIY'S
Go check it out! 

These are nine of them above ^
 - From left to right -

1. lanterns (This would be so great to do with the kiddos!) 
2. Melted crayon art (super simple, everyone should make at least one of these in there lives)
3. Water color resistant crayon art (the possibilities for this one are endless) 
4. Crayon Iron on transfer (towards the end of this blog there is a video on how to do this instead of a blog version) 
5. Crayon picture frame (I see a teacher future appreciation gift)
6. Crayon bowl (yet another teacher gift idea) 
7. Outdoor melted crayon art (This is a great way to get the kids to play outside) 
8. Easter egg crayon dying (This is perfect since Easter is on its way) 
9. Etched crayon doodles (There could be many cool variations to this one as well) 

To Find these DIY'S go to this link:

Here are a few gift/holiday crayon craft ideas. The skill level for these are very easy 

Just Imagine shows a cute way to give your homemade crayons as a gift.

Here are 4 great gift idea DIY's 

1. Candy crayons: (great idea for valentines day) 
2. Envelopes made from coloring pages! (new fave idea ever)
3. Crayola gift basket:
4. Crayon box gift:

I cant wait to try this one. The colors are attached to the coloring book!
Sorry there was no link to this picture but on the picture there is the link to the blog. 

Lines across made a card from scribbles.. how cute!

Now that you are coloring we need a place to display all of our creations of course. 

This is a cute idea on how to display your master pieces.

The next few projects or for the slightly more experienced DIYer but no matter the skill level I am sure anyone could figure them out :) 

For those of you who can sew these are some great caring cases that happen to be adorable you can make! 
-From left to right-

Pillow case carrier:
Crayon roll:
Monster tote bag:
Basic crayon tote:
Crayon portfolio:

If you would like to make a simple crayon roll the links bellow has 3 different types of crayon roll tutorials to try. 
All of these links are video tutorials. 

1. Sewing a basic crayon roll:
2. No sew crayon roll:
3. Duct tape crayon roll (great for people who are not fabriclly inclined OR do this one with the kids)

Here are 4 more DIY's to try! 

1. Watch this youtube video to learn how to make an iron on transfer using crayons:
2. Watch this youtube video to learn how to make a crayon monogram (great teacher gift idea):
3. This is not a tuttorial but more of an insperation.  These look actaully pretty simple to make.  Here is the link to the etsy store where you could purchase them instead if wanted:
4. You can learn how to batik dye with crayons. (I will most deffinetly be trying this myslelf):]

Make bath time fun with bath crayons. 

1. Bath crayons/watercolor crayons:
2. Scented bath crayons:
3. Crayon shaped soaps:

-Inspire the uninspired-

Here are a few more inspiration pictures.  There are links to buy these but I challenge you all to attempt to make one of these.
-from left to right-

Marilyn Monroe melted crayon art:
Melted crayon bracelt:
carved crayons:
Crayon t-shirt:

The next few DIY's are for our fashionistas. 

Here are three different versions of lipstick you can make out of crayons. 
There are so many different ways you can make this so I suggest you do some looking yourself so you can find your favorite method. 

I know I have two ones... just go with it
There is a crack in everything that's how light gets in.
-Leonard Cohen

1A. 2 ingredient lipstick:
1B.This is my fave youtube video on how to make the lipstick:
2. This shows you the best color combonations when makeing crayon lipstick: (I highly recommend this one) 

For our cooking lovers, there is even a way to use coloring while cooking. 

For a tutorial on learning how to use coloring pages to get a design on a cake go to this link:

Storage Ideas that are not sewn 

These organization ideas are great for the non sewing inclined 


Who says coloring books are just for kids? 

Here I have compiled a few really cool looking coloring books for adults, teen, and youngins. 

1. Color me drunk:
2. Secret Garden:
3. The fashion coloring book:
4. Tattoo Coloring book:
5. 10,000 page coloring book: (this ones a doozy but it interested me) 
6. Sugar skull coloring book:

Here is a website that has 7 different coloring books for all ages:

Here is another website that has 10 more different coloring books for you to try:

If you want to personalize your coloring books even further here are a few DIY's you can do. 

1. Make your own coloring book using your own pictures:
2. Make your own Disney coloring book:
3. Another DIY coloring book using your own pictures:

Here are a few activities to make using our coloring theme :) 

1. Fun printable DIY coloring book for a little one:
2. Color learning book:
3. Dry erase coloring book:
4. Dry erase scrap book:

For continuous crayon crafting inspiration follow this board on pinterest:

I have now provided you with over 50 tutorials that have to do with coloring. 

Get a little color in your life and try a few. Lets not push away our creative bugs.