Monday, March 3, 2014

Quickie DIY: Lego tacks

Quickie DIY
Lego Tacks 

Be bold 
Or italic 
Never regular 

Quirky things will always be a trend in my book and these quirky lego thumb tacks are perfect for anyone with a quirky side. 

The skills needed for this are super minimum it is a very easy and quick project. 
That makes it perfect for people who are new to DIY. 

  • Small 7 point legos (these work the best) 
  • Flat head thumb tacks (the long ones will not work for this) 
  • Super glue or any other type of strong glue ( I do not recommend hot glue for this project) 
Pay no attention to the random pen and scissors they are not needed for this project

Step one: Turn your lego upside down and cover the bottom half in glue. I went around the circle edge on the inside because that was how big my tack was.  Depending on the size of your tack will tell you were to put the glue.

Step 2: Lay the flat side of the tack down on the glue and give it a little push.  It is a good idea to also put a bit of glue on the head of your tack to ensure your tack will stick to the lego.

Step 3: Once you have glued the amount of tacks you want, it is time to let them sit and dry.  Because I used super glue my dry time was only 5-10 minuets.  Depending on what type of glue you used depends on how long you should let them sit and dry.  If you do not let the tack dry completely before use the tack will fall off and you will have a mess.

Tacks are a great way to organize things in your room or house.  I have multiple bulletin boards I use every day and now some dorkie tacks to go along with them.  

For a DIY bulletin board to use your tacks on I have a blog post that shows you how to make this elephant tack board or any animal  or shape of your choice.  Here is the link: