Friday, March 7, 2014

Fancy Friday

Fancy Friday 

Fancy Friday is something new I hope to do on my blog every Friday (obviously) but basically Fancy Friday is were every Friday me, and any other friends I can convince will dress up on Friday.  aka the reason its Fancy Friday and not casual Friday.  

Dress up begins at age five ... and never really ends 
-Kate Spade

My friend Brittany (girl on the left in the photo) will also be doing a Fancy Friday post.  If you would like to see her version of our Friday go to this link:

Here are the two victims of Fancy Friday.  
On left we have my girl Brittany :) and on the right we have my right hand man Jmo!

As you can see we are quite fancy.  

With this post you get a chance to see three different types of styles.  We are all very in touch with our own individual style and here is a chance to see an inside look of all three of them. 

Let me take a second and go into depth about each of our own individual styles. 

Brittany- Classy B**.  She is literally the queen of all layering possibilities.  Brittany's style is most definitely feminine but not girly. This is a common mistake when labeling her style.  She is just a feminine dresser.  She hates the color pink! I cant believe it with her blonde hair she could pull it off better than anyone.  Cardigans are her #1 love and always will be.  If I could pick my stylist for a business causal event it would no doubt be her.  

Jmo- This guy is all about vintage.  He does more antique stores than he does thrift shop and gets most of his wardrobe passed down from his dad and his grandpa.  The 70's are his thing as you can see the hair helps his look.  He is the only person I know who could get away with wearing a suit every day of his life.  (which I might add he does) He combines casual with Fancy in the best way.  

Lizzy- I have a hard time defining my style because I dress all over the place with no rhyme or reason I just LOVE trying new trends.  If I like it I buy it weather or not its my "style".  In this post however I have an old lady vibe going on mainly because the dress I am wearing is 45 years old! 

Brittany                  Jmo
The models outfits:

  • Floral Skirt - Maurices
  • Black blazer - Maurices 
  • Cream top - Dillards
  • Necklace - Buckle 
  • Nude flats 
  • Leather vest - Vintage early 70's 
  • Red button down - Vintage early 70's 
  • Grey Trouser - Vintage 50's (his grandpas) 
  • American flag converse - 1976 (thrifted by me!)

Now for my outfit!  

This dress was handed down to me from my grandmother it was actually my great grandmother's dress.  It was her favorite dress she wore it a lot and did almost everything in it from gardening to cleaning she was in this dress. 

I paired it with a pair of black tights a big black statement necklace and some basic black flats.

I think the next time I wear this outfit I will add a thin black belt just to kind of tie it all together better.