Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sorry Guys!

Hey guys! It is smash Sunday! but I am sad to say I do not know if I will be able to get mine posted today :/ 

The reason for this is because the device I basically handle most of my blog with (my Iphone) has now broken.  Hopefully by tonight I will have a camera of some sort that will allow me to post my smash Sunday along with a few DIY's as soon as I have time.  I know I have a digital camera around here somewhere but the trick is... finding it... 
 I apologize if I am not able to post anything.  

If I get a camera today I will find a way to get the smash Sunday blog uploaded for yall to see but it might be a bit late so I am sorry 

If I do find my old digital here is the agenda for the week so you have something to look forward to:
  • Smash Sunday 
  • Sweater week 
  • 2 DIY'S 
  • Antique show 
  • all natural makeup DIY
  • Fancy Friday
As you can see I have a lot planned.  If this camera in return has much better pictures than my Iphone did than maybe we will just stick with it :) 

I will have Smash Sunday posted AT LEAST by Monday.  Guess we will call it smash and bash Monday? I don't know... This weeks theme is of an extra curricular activity that I have a passion for.  It is all about speech team.  

Sweater week is obviously all about sweaters.  I have enough sweaters were I could wear one every day for the next three months and since it will be spring here pretty soon I am going to try to wear all the sweaters I did not get to wear yet as kind of an end of the winter outfit party?  Hopefully I will have the full weeks post up around next Sunday possibly? 

The two DIY'S you will just have to stick around and find out about :P 

Here in my town today there is an antique show me and my mom are going so I hope to have kind of a life blog on that and show you guys the experience and if I end up getting a hoard of stuff maybe a haul but I doubt I will buy much but you never know! My mom might be in a generous mood.

I kind of want to start doing all natural beauty products at least once a week so I might start this week with that.  Keep reading this week to find out what it is ;)

Just like this last Friday my friend Brittany and I are going to do another fancy Friday on our blogs.  We hope to make it a weekly thing.  Read later on in this week to see our outfit decisions!