Sunday, March 9, 2014

Smash Sunday: Speech

Smash Sunday
I got it posted! Yay! I thought we might have had to have a Smosh Day (smash day on Monday?) Because in a previous post I told you guys that my Iphone the device I use to do all my pictures had broke but I broke out the old digital camera and got to work! I am quite pleased with the results and may continue to use it.  

My friend Brittany will also be doing a Smash Sunday on her blog as well so if you would like to read hers here is the link to her blog:

Well this weeks theme was on speech.  Both me and Brittany are on our schools speech team and we both have a love/hate relationship with it but all and all it is worth it with all the fun we have.  

Here is my speech page! 

let me elaborate what all of this nonsense means.  

Lets start on the left page: 

The gold medal stand for any medal I have ever received plus a little inspiration to win at districts so I can go to state and win that! 

the black and white paper with the words "The Second Disaster" on it stands for the the paper persuasive speakers put there speeches on.  Some events you put them in binders some on note cards and persuasive you put them on black paper.  
The second disaster part is the name of my speech.  

Let me explain what the second disaster is first... The second disaster is when some type of major disaster strikes our globe like for example hurricane Katrina or the sandy hook shooting and than because of this disaster people send all types of donations.  You would think this is a great thing right? Well a lot of the items donated do not help one bit and in fact cause a hole other disaster.  (hence the hole "second disaster") 

I know totally boring but hey its a good topic! 

The peacock that I colored is something I actually colored at a speech meet.  Me and a few of my friends while we wait for either a next round or maybe awards we sit around and color :) 

Now the right page:

The gibberish on the little piece of paper is some notes my speech coach made while I was giving my speech.  It's just a bunch of things I need to work on. 

There is one of the ribbons I got in one of my rounds yesterday at the meet.  that means I got second place in my round.  The way speech meets work is they have two rounds.  You preform against 5-7 people in this round and than depending on how high you placed in your rounds depends on if you get to the finals round.  If you make it to finals round you get a medal and stand in front of a hole bunch of people to get it they call your name out and stuff.  

I put the word persuasive on it because well that's my event and my love.  

The googly eyes are a reminder to make good eye contact when giving my speech and the two words on either side of the ribbon are "speech voice" and "enunciation".  These are some things I am trying to work on so they are there as a reminder.  

Yay for Smash Sunday! 

Your challenge this week in your smash books is to do a page on an activity you are in or a hobby you enjoy participating in.  It could be anything from walking your dog to playing a sport just get creative with it!