Monday, March 10, 2014

Quickie DIY: T-shirt pillow (no sew)

Quickie DIY:
T-shirt Pillows 

There are tons of t-shirt DIY'S out there it is almost impossible to come up with your own idea anymore but I do have a DIY for you guys today. 

 I actually made my first version of this back in like the 7th grade so I like to think this is an original idea because I did it before pinterest and such.

The skill level of this DIY is basically none.  It would be great to do with the kids or team bonding or something because it is so easy. These pillows are great for t-shirts that are just two small anymore but you don't want to throw them away.  I think t-shirts are connected to some nerve in our hearts that wont allow us to part with our old warn tee's 

-Also keep in touch with me for a DIY on what to do with the extra t-shirt scraps from this project will be up soon :)

Its basically one of those oh so popular tie blankets but instead it is a pillow out of t-shirt... and its spherical... SPHERICAL!
My generation would understand that line^

I am going to show you a DIY that allows you to never have to get rid of those priceless gems of a t-shirt.  

  • t-shirt of choice 
  • stuffing 
  • ruler/tape measure
  • scissors/rotary cutter
  • large circle 

First step- Take your round object and trace it around the part of the t-shirt you would like to keep like the logo

I used an old vinyl record I had some other things that you could use are maybe big bowls from your kitchen.  You can also free hand this if you wanted to.  I just used chalk to trace my circle.  
The bigger the circle you use the bigger your pillow will be. 

Step two- make another circle on the outside of your first circle about two inches away

Just go the distance all the way around the circle and make dots and lines, than later you can go through and connect them all to make the outside circle 

This is what will show you how long your strips need to be.

This is what it should look like when you are completely done 

If you look my circle is big and it goes up into the neckline. Do not worry about it if you do this just make sure there is at least an inch of fabric you will be able to tie instead of 2 inches.  You can simply just stretch the strings out when you get ready to tie them and they will work just fine.  

Step three- cut out your circle 

Make sure you are cutting out your outside circle and not your inside. 

This is what it should look like once you have cut it.  If the edges don't perfectly match up don't worry about it as long as they are close you will be fine.

Make sure you do not try to pull apart your circles if you do you will never get them aligned properly and the cutting and tying part will be a disaster.  

Step four- Cut your strips 

(yes I know the dog hair is everywhere)

Cut your strips about a half inch to an inch apart from the outside circle to the inside circle. It is not a big deal if they are not exactly the same size but do not make them to big or they will be very hard to tie and do not make them to thin because they will break as you are trying to tie them.  

This is what it should look like when it is all done. 

Step Five- Begin tying the two sides together 

Make sure the pieces you are tying together are across from each other.  Do not criss-cross or skip because than you will have a mess.  If you by accident do skip or something happens its not a big deal as long as the other strings around it match up correctly.  

Make sure you Double Knot  the strings 

This is what it should look like when you have tied all the way around but it is important you leave an opening that you haven't tied so you can add the stuffing.  

Step six- Time to stuff! 

Stuff your pillow to the desired hardness 

Step seven- Tie it off 

All you have left is to tie it closed and you are all done! 

The pillow on the right is the one I did back in the day.  It was the t-shirt from the first concert I ever went two.  (The Jonas Brothers) Who is still an amazing band by the way... 

I kind of wish I kept that t-shirt but I got older and thought I was to cool for that .I was even to cool to save Nick Jonas's face? Well its still a cute pillow so I will live :) 

If you do this DIY I would love to see it on instagram @DIYNATION7797