Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quickie DIY: T-shirt Scrap no slip hangers

Quickie DIY: No slip hangers
A few days ago I did a DIY with an old t-shirts and the never ending struggle with t-shirt projects is what in the world do you do with all the awkward scraps?! Like the sleeves or the sides and extras that you kind of just hack off the t-shirt.

Well here is a simple solution... cut them into strips and wrap them around your hangers!  In my opinion these work so much better than the actual no slip hangers and there a super easy DIY.

I am sad to say this isn't my own origonal idea but one I stumbled over while surfing youtube for inspiration on t-shirt DIY'S of my own.  If you would like to watch Andriaschoice, the youtube channel were I got this idea go to this link:


Here is the DIY I made that has now supplied me with my t-shirt strips to make this project.  If you would like to do this DIY as well (no sew t-shirt pillow) go to this link:

In a way this DIY reminds me of the old thing our grandmas used to do were they crochet the hangers to make them pretty and fully functional as no slip hangers.  

Maybe this is a DIY I should have in the future? ... I am completely in capable of crochet no matter how hard I try but maybe it is something I will force myself to learn the art of because I really do want to learn but for the life of me I just am not capable! grrrr! If you can crochet I am surely jealous.  

  • plain hanger 
  • t-shirt scraps 
  • scissors/rotary cutter 
  • hot glue gun

First step is to cut all of your strips

You are going to have all types of sizes and thicknesses but ANY scrap can be used.  

Next all you simply do is wrap the strips around the hanger.  

You don't have to glue these down with a hot glue gun you can just simply tie them but I feel a more effective way is to add a dab of hot glue for security. 


All done! 

You can choose to wrap the hook half of the hanger I personally did not because I did not believe it was necessary but its your hanger so go crazy! 

Different colored strips can also make these even more fun... even more fun? Not sure if that is proper grammar but you guys probably get what I mean. 

The t-shirt scraps I had left over from just that one project made me this many hangers! 

Tanks for reading guys :) 

Some things to look forward to coming soon... 

In a few days I am going prom dress shopping so I will be sure to document that.  I am thrifting it so it will be quite interesting.  

Also at the end of the week on Sunday I will show you a post of my outfits I wore this week.  I am going to wear a sweater every day so it will be like a super mega ootd but in this case an ootw (outfit of the week) 

I am hoping to maybe have another DIY or posibly two more DIY's by next week. But if I don't please do not hate me forever! They will get up eventually.  I am now officially on spring break so I have a few days to do some DIY's :)