Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Antique Show - Living in the wrong generation

Antique Show 
Thrifting is something I do quite often on my blog here but just last Sunday my mom and I went an antique show.  If you new my mom you would know there isn't much of a chance you will be able to con her out of a few bucks for anything you don't NEED but... she did let me get something from this experience which if you keep reading you will find out what that item is.

I did get something free however.....PICTURES!

I managed to snap a few pictures for you guys of this mother daughter antique adventure.

I think before we start we need to do a bit of debunking about antique shops, shows, and any other form of antiqness that does not take place in a thrift store.  

By simply going "antiquing" and not thrifting you already added about $40 to the price tag.  Antique stores are real vintage everything and that is all you will find.  
Thrift stores are simply just second hand shops were of course you can find antiques and vintage but were do you think the antique stores find there vintage?  The thrift store of course! but the reason they can price it so differently is because they spent the time digging and this saves you all the time of digging yourself. So instead of Possibly finding that item you have been looking forever for you can directly go to an antique store and tell them what you are looking and odds are they are going to have it.  

Unless of course its some really rare item than good luck to ya!

Both types of stores are great but just depending on your purpose.  
So now that we have that taken care of lets get on to the actual purpose of this blog! 

I have recently become a tea fanatic and I have this dream of having a completely clear glass teapot so whenever I go to things like this that is what my eye is on... sadly no sign of one but here are many cute tea cups! 

If I had all the money in the world they would all be mine <3 

Muahahah?...taking over the world buying tea cups...sure...

I melted when I dug this out of a huge bucket full of just random jewelry.

Its like a mock dream catcher but with an Aztec feel ...IN A NECKLACE! I am kind of sad I had to pass this amazing piece up but I can live without.  

On this same table I found a super glitzy leaf earring and necklace set with the original box.  The sparkle was the first thing that caught my eye but the fact that it is a caramel brown and it is a leaf makes it all the more amazing.  

Honestly not a clue what this is called but I know I see a ton of them in thrift stores.  Basically it is just a shadow box style picture frame with a bouquet of flowers arranged in it.  This one though was kind of different because it had a lot of really bright random colorful fruit type flowers arranged in what looked like a bundle of wheat?  I mean who doesn't want a framed bundle of wheat! 

Yikes my future homes decorations might be a bit on the interesting side.. 

Okay this is kind of a terrible picture but it was my first day using this new camera so this one will take a little of explanation.  

Something I saw that was a common theme at this antique show was all of the old timey magazines.  
Most of them were like catalogs that you would order your things from back in the day.  It was like the first version of shopping online.  

Well being the DIY/sewing person I am I was automatically attracted to the one were you order your patterns from.
Am I the only one excited by this!?... probably.. well that's nothing new :P

These rings reminded me of the British flag so I thought that was kind of neat. 

Vintage hats are so perfect I wish I had a place to rock them. 

Okay this is a terrible picture but every were you would look there was rungs and each of them were different from the next that is something I love about vintage. 

Yet another blurry picture I'm sorry still learning how to work the fancy camera!

But I think you can kind of get the picture? Its a blush pink (my fave color) daisy cuff.  With diamonds in the center! it was also stretchable.  I'm not even a bracelet lover but this would have been worth it. 

Belt buckles were also a re appearing theme through the hole event.  I have been wanting to collect belt buckles and rumor has it my grandmother got me one for Christmas and I am super excited to wear it! ... funny story... she hid it so good it is lost.  

Until than I can dream of having an Elvis Presley belt buckle.  

Here is a hole bunch of them! I found some old john deere ones a hole collection of them sometime through the experience but kind of was so distracted I forgot to take a picture.  

I try to tell people time and time again that trends are not new they are just constantly in a cycle and here is a perfect example.  Owls were huge before and now they are back.  

For more proof of this my friend has one of her moms owl necklaces from her high school years and it is almost identical to my owl necklace that was probably found at forever 21. 

I found a peacock feather bangle! 


The next part of the haul is about the auction next door to the antique show.  This action was completely made up of taxidermy animals.  Some guy died in my town and in his house he FILLED it with these.  
Just Thought I would show a few pictures of this 

Now for my 1 item I managed to get my mom to get me :) 

Its a McCalls sewing pattern from the 70's!

It is a few sizes to big but I have a huge collection of old patterns so whenever I find more I just want to add to it. The plus side is it only cost me $1

Thanks for reading guys!What do you prefer? thrift or antique shop?