Sunday, April 13, 2014

Smash Sunday: Out of the Box

Smash Sunday
Out of the box 

Smash Sunday is here again and Brittany and I picked Out of the box for our topic of the day.  This may not have anything to do with the topic but I just kind of was feeling a lot of emotions today because so much has happened in the life of lizzy this past week so I just started painting all day! Anyone else just paint to get there feelings out? 

Well I do... 

But I did do something kind of fun on the left side of the page.  Today it was raining so I put on the paper "rain rain go away come again some other day" and then left it outside in the rain.  Its like it soaked up enough of the skys tears which is better than soaking up mine right?  So I let it dry and put it in the book painted some rain drops and felt much better.  ... sorry that was so emotional and all I apologize. :P

Later on in the day I did the second side of the page.  It says "be original" with a bunch of fancy doodles and a flower.  This was me at the end of the day when I was finally feeling un gloomy.  The reason I said be original is because I am one of the most original people I know.  I have never followed a trend of any kind weather its fashion or life trends and I never plan to.  I am my own definition of out of the box so I just kind of doodled what I wanted to down on this page.  

How are your guys's lives this month?  Are you excited for spring? Does spring inspire you to do anything specific? 

Thanks for reading guys :)  

I should have a DIY up and running at least by the end of the day tomorrow just a short and simple one that I have just fallen in love with.