Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Egg ground flowers DIY

Easter Egg DIY
Ground flowers/bouquet flowers

Easter is sneaking up on us and I am actually getting further on DIY'S for it than I did for saint Patricks day that is for sure because lets be real that was sad.. 

But on the bright side I am actually kind of in love with these eggs on the stick things? Ways to use these could go on and on. This is a great way to get rid of some of those plastic eggs that keep cluttering up in your attic year after year.  I will have a few ideas at the end of this post to give you a little inspiration. 

I am going to use mine as yard ornaments on Easter all over my yard and I am going to put them in a planter with some flowers to represent spring and to celebrate Easter :) 

  • Wooden dowels/skewers 
  • Plastic eggs
  • nail or screw
  • lighter 
  • candle 

Step one- Heat your screw or nail

I suggest using a nail but all I had on hand was a screw it all works the same I promise.  Heat your screw over the flame right in it for about 30 seconds.  It may take some time to figure out how long you need to keep it in the flame but you will quickly become an expert.

Step two- press the heated nail into the egg

This is how you should be able to tell weather or not you heated your screw long enough.  It should just melt right threw and cause a hole.  Careful in case it heated up near your hand but press it into the egg firmly.

Depending on the size of your nail and the size of your dowel will depend on how big your hole needs to be.  I ended up having to make mine slightly bigger to fit my dowel. Just play around with it but make sure to be careful.

Step three- insert dowel 

Simple enough?

Done! :)  how cute!?!? am I right?

Here are a few ideas on how to use these cute little eggs on sticks?

Instead of suckers try eggs :)

Why not give egg Popsicles a try?

Plant a jelly bean garden the night before Easter and when the kids wake up lollipops and your eggs can grow!

Thanks for reading guys! 

If you try any of these ideas I would love to see them.  Tag me in a picture of them on instagram @DIYNATION7797