Friday, April 11, 2014

Fancy Friday: Breath of Spring

Fancy Friday:
Breath of Spring 

Hey guys! Its fancy Friday! What did you wear? 

I know you guys are all probably mad at me because I haven't exactly been posting as much as I should have been but all of a sudden a lot happened at once very unexpectedly and I was not prepared for it but I am back I have got a ton of spring inspiration for DIY'S and I am super excited for Easter. 

Yes I am wearing pink cowboy boots with this outfit and no I am not ashamed.  I had to add my own personal touch to this outfit because it had a more modern feel than what I am used to.  I am usually all thrift and look like a total chic grandma but today I kind of sort of looked like a modern teen?

How do you guys feel about Hi-low's?  I am still not sure if I am that crazy about them but it was a forever 21 skirt I found at goodwill and at the time I thought they were great.

Yeah I really am not for sure what I am doing here.....

I did add another more "lizzy" touch by wearing a vintage hand tooled leather belt I picked up at an estate sale.

I am also curious to know what you guys are wearing for Easter?  I still have not got the slightest clue honestly.

Another lizzy-fied piece in this outfit is the necklace.  It is vintage, also something I picked up at an estate sale.  I recommended trying some estate sales out you can buy boxes of stuff for just a couple bucks!

Thanks for reading everyone! There is an Easter DIY on its way soon so keep reading :)