Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DIY: Tutu Pony Tails

DIY: Tutu Pony Tails 

I am going to show you how to make these adorable tulle tutu looking hair bands.  I got the idea when I found some of those old ponytails that we all used to wear in grade school when we were in like kindergarten. 

The looked like this... some ugly memories coming back? 
Yeah.. same so what I have done was a revamp of these classic ponytails. 

This is a great scrap buster for your left over tulle.  A variation if this could be a great scrap buster for some old ribbon ends you were going to throw away.  


  • tulle (any color desired)
  • Scissors 
  • Pinking Sheers (optional but recommended for best results)
  • ruler/tape measure 
  • ponytail holders 

Step one
Cut your tulle into strips.  

There is no set lenght or width but what I did was cut them about 4" long and 2" wide.  The wider they are the harder they are to tie but to thin and they would get very "fluffy".  To short and they are also hard to tie. 

Step two
Take your strips and wrap them around the pony tail. 

To tie it correctly make a slip knot around the pony.  Go to this link to learn how to wrap them correctly:http://asmallsnippet.com/2010/10/quick-and-simple-tutu.html (go strait to the tying the tulle to the elastic part of the tutorial)  If you have ever made a no sew tutu tie them the same way just in smaller form. 

Step three 

Once your entire elastic is covered trim the tulle to the desired length and even all the loose pieces.

All finished! 

My lovely sister helped model some of them :) 

If you make this DIY or your own variation I would love to see it.  Tag me in pictures of it on instagram @DIYNATION7797

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