Sunday, March 30, 2014

Smash Sunday: Foodie

Smash Sunday: 

Today is Sunday and just like every other Sunday me and my babe Brittany do a smash book page together than blog about them.  Todays theme was food... and boy do I love food! 

I must not be feeling very creative today because honestly this is one of my more boring smash pages.  But I do still like it very much guess I shouldn't have made it on a full stomach? ;) 

This page includes: 
  • Several fun recipes to try
  • Starbucks (mmm chia tea latte) 
  • Green tea wrappers (tea addict) 
  • Icream and various other junk foods 
  • Some organic foods because I always feel better after I eat them 
  • Some strawberry scrap book paper that reminded me of pick-nicks... I am definitely going to have a picknick this summer to blog about it.  
  • I also have a row of sugary drinks... mmmm my fave form of to much calories <3

If you are going to do a smash book on food I would love to see what it looks like, tag me in a picture of it on instagram @DIYNATION7797

Thanks for reading guys! 

Keep reading there will be a new DIY tommorow! Its to die for...