Sunday, November 3, 2013


Last weekend I got the opportunity to go to a book sighing for the book undying. The author Valerie Grosjean graduated from my high school in 2003 and is now an author. The book takes place here in my home town and around my high school.  Also some surrounding areas. She gave me a free signed copy of the book and I would like to point out she signs it in glitter pen :)

vlog about the zombie day of joy :)

keep reading for a review of he book and my DIY on the zombie clothes, also talk about a makeup artist I got to meet. You can also here a short story about me and Brittany's trip to walmart :)

 Now let me get to the fun part.  Me and my girl Brittany were asked to be her zombies for the book sighing. (her book is about zombies) She got a professional makeup artist to do our zombie makeup! coolest experience ever.  The makeup artist was actually the cover model of the book.  So not only did I meet the author of the book get a signed copy and have my makeup done by a pro I also got to meet the model for the book.  She is really cool here is the link to her blog.....

 She even put this stuff over our teeth to turn them to look all rotten gross and stuff 

 Brittany is the girl in the pink

Fear us yet? ;)
The girl on the right was our makeup artist/cover model
Review of the book undying:  The book was really action packed with a really cute love story.  It wasn't like anything inappropriate it was more action filled but it all tied in together so perfectly.  Also it was very realistic in a way that makes you think wow this really could actually happen in the real world.  Also she is very good at being descriptive there are a few scenes were it talks about the zombies eating the humans or how many dead bodies there are laying around you might get a little sick its awesome.  This book is great for romancers, action seekers, and mystical creature lovers. It will be a series and trust me you will want to keep reading I already cant wait for the next one to come out.  She said she is hoping the next one will be out by next October the wait is gonna be the end of me.  
If you want to buy this book the link to get it on amazon is here:
With this opportunity I also saw the opportunity for a DIY! :) I do not have a step by step of these because they were very last minuet but let me know if you would like a step by step or something and I would be willing to make more. 
  I started with a plain white button down
 For the bottom half I took an old pair of my dads work jeans
 Here is the finished results!
 back of the button down
finished jeans
WALMART INVASION by: Lizzy Cunningham
Right after the book signing Britt and I went to walmart because we did not want to waste this beautiful makeup.  When we got there we got so many different looks.  little kids started to cry people were either laughing and pointing or we got the occasional stare down from some old lady but the best look was from cute guy by the stickers isle.
Me and Britt were looking at the stickers because we are going on a trip in a few days to Texas for NFLC. There will be a lot of people there and Britt wanted to get stickers to pass out to people.  aint she adorable! okay back to cute guy by the sticker isle.  we are looking at stickers and all of a sudden this guy walks buy (very attractive) but like every three steps he would like turn back and look at us so I just kept staring him down to see what he would do and all of a sudden he makes a U-turn and comes back in our direction. 
Now I feel really awk so I actually look away and am all like Brittany what do we do! He comes up to us and is all like so did you guys just get here from like a zombie fest or something? Me and Britt look at each other and laugh and explain.
He stalked us the rest of the time we were at Wal-Mart and just "happened" to run into us a few times and start up a conversation.  He actually left at the exact same time as us to.
I miss you cute guy in the sticker isle!!!!! <3 wherever you are.