Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIYs of the month

DIY's of the month:

I think the feeling of spring being here has really kind of cleaned out my brain with the smell of fresh air and let in plenty of new ideas.  This was really good for me because this month has just not been the best month (I will save you the details) but I find the best way to get through some terrible weeks is to just craft out the bad feelings.  

Unfortunately my brain works in 5 million directions when I do this so I never think of taking pictures step by step I just JUMP right into it afraid I am going to loose the idea or I just get to excited I cant stop mid thought.  

Since I did not save you guys any of these ideas special because they were more spontaneous I will just kind of show you a few of the DIY'S and maybe you will be inspired to make something similar or maybe it will spark up another idea.  
Craft #1
80's tacky necklace transformed into a spring statement piece

DIY #2 
Silver platter perfume tray 


I have recently grown my jewelry collection to a HUGENORMOUS size.  Which that is great but I was completely out of space to put it all considering all my other jewelry holders were full to the brim.  So what do I do? I make a stick into one of the cutest jewelry holders I have ever owned in my life.  

I really hate jewelry boxes I like my jewelry to be free and shown off so this was perfect.  All I did was add frame hanging backs and nailed some nails into it....

Yes... it was that simple... 

Sometimes the most simple things are the most beautiful 

This stick actually has a story if you would like to hear? no? well than don't keep scrolling... 

in 8th grade I went to conformation camp. It takes place out in the wilderness and one of the activities we did was finding a big stick like this one for example and than sand it down and there was some bible story to go with it basically I kind of had a few meaning full prayers mixed into this stick.  
Well I know everyone else who went to the camp with me just used theirs as firewood but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the dang thing because the lady who taught us the lesson told us to take it seriously and cherish it and what not... typical old lady lesson but I kept it for this long I might as well make something of it right?  .....and so I did! and I am soooo glad I did. 

DIY #4
Upcycled vintage maxi to circle skirt 

DIY: #5
Easter dress with vintage fabric 

DIY #6 

The proms in my area are all going on right now so I made several of my friends garters 

DIY #7
Vintage fabric cheer bow 

DIY #8
Shotgun shell corsage and boutonniere 

DIY #9
Hemp necklace

I actually did not make these but I bought them from my friend who made them. Hemp is a cute way to add some boho to the wardrobe and whats not to love about chokers.  There a great "different" piece to have in the wardrobe.  

Thanks for reading guys! I hope to have an actual DIY up soon and I am sorry I was away for so long.  Prom is Saturday so expect a post about that by nest week! Also I think I have a good idea for a DIY I am going to show for you guys.