Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Recycled Easter basket DIY

Recycled Easter egg Basket DIY

We all hoard the cute baskets we get at Easter time because they are just to stinkin cute to throw away! Here is a DIY on how to put those baskets to use in a cute way.  

I might have a few baskets ;)


  • Basket of choice 
  • hot glue gun 
  • Scissors 
  • fabric of choice (large enough to fill your basket) 

Step one: Cut off the handles to your basket.  

(For some baskets this step might be harder than others)

Step Two: Measure the length and the width of your basket.  

My length was about 13" and my width was 12". 

Some baskets are perfectly circular so it will be the same length as it is width.  

Some of my scribbles to try and figure out how the project will work.  I probably looks like giberish lol 

Step Three:

You need to add 2" to the length and the width of the fabric to leave seam allowance 

Just Take your measurements and add 2"

For example:
Length= 13" + 2" = 15" 

Now do the same for the width

Step four: Measure out your piece of fabric
Step five:
Round off the edges 

Be careful not to take to much off or it will not fill the basket correctly

Step Six: Fold over the raw edge and glue it to the basket.  

I recommend you start by gluing down the four corners first to make it easier to manipulate the fabric later. 

(This is the tricky part)

Step Seven: To finish start folding the rest of the fabric down and gluing. 

Some of it will have to be over lapped and tucked to get it all to fit.  


Add ribbon around the edge or ruffles 
keep the handles
fill the bottom of the basket with decorative rocks 

Hope you guys enjoyed this project! If you did this project or a similar one I would love to see it.  

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