Friday, May 2, 2014

Recycled Cardboard Ribbon Organizer

Recycled Cardboard Ribbon Organizer 
This project is soooo easy a kindergartner could do it because all it takes is some kindergarten skills.  This is a great way to organize ribbons and lace you have and also still have them on display.  This project is also very cost effective because your using only recycled materials.  

  • Cardboard (recommended cereal box type cardboard)
  • scissors 
  • ruler
  • pen

I just used a tacco bell box but some good examples of other cardboard you could use is cereal boxes, cake mix boxes, really anything that is a "light" cardboard. 

 Cardboard boxes do work just the same but these are much easier to cut and trace and work better for best use of space.  

Step One:

Trace your rectangle onto the cardboard.  

The measurements I used were 5" long and 2 and 1/2" wide.  

You can make any shape or size you would like but for me personally was my fave. 

Step Two:

Cut out! 

Simple enough? 

Step Three:
Wrap your fabric around it and stick a pin in it to hold. 

Read bellow for some variations


Cut out notches (like the one on the left)
Cut them out of actual cardboard boxes to wrap scrap fabric instead of ribbon 
Cut different shapes like a square instead
Paint them to make them look cuter

Does anyone else have a random notebook were they scribble there ideas down? or document them? This is my notebook I just stuff with random ideas and things to go back to if I know I will be making this again.

Here I am showing you guys a ton of difffernt ways to use these.  
There is one with knotches, one wraped sideways instead of the long way.  There is some that are holding two istead of one, or one holding lace and another more square one instead of wrecktangle.  

Don't waist perfectly good materials! 

These were actually inspired by these vintage ribbons.  Back in the day this is how ribbon and bias tape was bought instead of on a spool.  I like this way better I feel like its easier to store and easier to see what I have and nice and quick to flip threw.  

To store I just put mine in cute little dollar store baskets.  I have about 4 different types of baskets I use to store this type of stuff in my craft room.  

What are some handy ways you guys use to store your scraps and ribbons? 

If you try any of these or any variations I would love to see them.  Tag me in pictures of them on instagram @DIYNATION7797