Thursday, May 8, 2014

DIY: Recycled Plastic Egg Flower Painting

Recycled Plastic Egg Flower Painting 

WARNING: Extremely Easy Project!

 Today's DIY will show you how to make a beautiful flower painting out of those plastic eggs that get hoarded after Easter every year.  I am in love with how posh and anthropology looking this is. I painted mine onto fabric to make into a pillow but you could add this to a canvas or even directly onto a wall.  

  • Something to paint (I did a pillow) 
  • Toilet paper roll 
  • Plastic egg 
  • Paint (your choice of colors)
Ideas other than a pillow to paint:
  • On canvas 
  • A wall 
  • flower pot 
  • t-shirt 
Lets begin... 

Step One:
Make petals 

Just flatten your toilet paper tube down and than cut a strait line than open it up and you now have the perfect shape for a petal. 

Step 1/2: 
Open egg

This will be the center of your flower you can use either side of the egg it wont make a difference as long as it is round.

Step Two:
Dip into paint

Step Three: 
Press firmly 

First put down your circle than add as many petals as you want all the way around. 

All done! 

I added stuffing and made it into a pillow than put it into an Easter basket this year. What are you guys going to do with your recycled egg paintings? 

If you do this project or get inspiration for one like it I would love to see a picture of it so tag me on instagram in a picture of it @DIYNATION7797